How to Cancel Progressive Snapshot

Whether you are wondering about emergency roadside service and towing services or you are looking for more details about your Progressive Snapshot or you want to know how to Cancel Progressive Snapshot, you’ve come to the right place.

Snapshot is a voluntary program, and a customer can opt out at any time by sending the device back to Progressive. However, the customer will lose their Participation Discount and any chance to earn additional savings at renewal.

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How to Cancel Progressive Snapshot

If you decide Snapshot isn’t right for you, you can Cancel Progressive Snapshot at any time. If you received a Snapshot participation discount when you purchased your policy, you lose that discount when you opt out of the program.

If the customer opt outs within 45 days of enrolling in Snapshot, their policy will go back to the standard Progressive rate, and their Snapshot results will not impact their renewal. If the customer plugs in the device and then opts out after 45 days of being enrolled in Snapshot, they’ll add a late opt out penalty to the policy at renewal.

All customers opting out of Snapshot must return the device to Progressive. How does a customer opt out? call Progressive anytime directly at 877-329-RATE.

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Progressive Snapshot: The Bottom Line

Snapshot could be a good or bad thing depending on your driving habits. For many, the idea of a company monitoring your driving is a revolting one, even in this small degree. The good news is that it isn’t mandatory, although some experts speculate that it will be one day.

If you are a great driver, this could equate to a deeper discount for you. The worst-case scenario is that you don’t get the discount you are looking for and your rates go up instead. You may also want to know How to Cheat Progressive Snapshot | Tips To Get The Maximum Discount

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  1. One of my autos is a manual transmission. Snapshot gave me four ” hard brakes” turning around in my driveway.

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