How To Cheat Allstate Drivewise App

How To Cheat Allstate Drivewise App

Every time you drive your car, Allstate Drivewise monitors your vehicle’s speed once it reaches 20 mph. You don’t need to do anything: it runs in the background on your cell phone or other device, and doesn’t interfere with any other activities, such as making phone calls.

Through either a device in your car or your mobile device, Allstate tracks your behavior on the roads and offers cheaper car insurance when you drive safely. However, if you want to know how to cheat Allstate Drivewise App or the Driving Habits to Get Savings, just continue reading below.

What Is the Allstate Drivewise Program?

Allstate Drivewise is a usage-based telematics program by Allstate Insurance Company. It measures whether you have safe driving behaviors behind the wheel, then rewards you for them. New members can receive a 10 percent discount on their car insurance premiums for signing up. 

The program promises that safe driving habits may earn up to 25 percent in cash back and discounted car insurance rates. In an Allstate Drivewise review, blogger Cody J. Murphy, who enrolled in Drivewise, said the program saved him $200 on his insurance premium. Others have had similar successes.

The program tracks driving behavior through two methods. The first is a small Allstate Drivewise device installed in your car’s Onboard Diagnostic Port (OBD-II port). The technology tracks driving habits, braking patterns and time. Once installed, the Allstate Drivewise device transmits this information to the car insurance company. 

The second way the company tracks your information is through the Allstate Mobile app. Users can download it onto cell phones. It is compatible with the following operating systems: 

  • iPhone iOS 12.0 or higher
  • iPod Touch
  • Android 7.0 or higher

How Does Allstate Drivewise Work?

There are a few types of telematics devices that can track your driving. Instead of using a plug-in device like some systems, Drivewise mostly relies on an app installed on a mobile device to send information as you drive.

Some drivers ask, “How does Drivewise know I’m driving?” Drivewise works like most other usage-based mobile apps. It runs in the background on your phone and tracks information every time you get into your car. Information collected includes how you drive and when you drive.

Allstate Insurance then uses its calculation system to translate that information into a grade for good driving habits.

The app allows drivers to monitor their progress with the program over time, showing how much of a cashback reward they have so far earned and what’s been recorded in terms of safe and risky driving behavior.

The first “cash back” reward is available after the driver completes 50 trips, and rewards are then calculated every six months.

Drivewise works on an ongoing basis with the opportunity to continue earning rewards for safe driving rather than the one-time discount offered by other programs. Improvements in your driving over time can lead to greater rewards. While you may not earn a reward if your driving habits aren’t very good, Allstate Insurance will not penalize you with rate increases.

How Does the Allstate Drivewise Bonus Work?

As discussed, Allstate’s program works a little differently from some other programs out there. Three types of rewards are listed for the app: enrollment discount, performance rewards, and Allstate Rewards.

Allstate Insurance offers a three percent enrollment discount. This is applied to your policy right away when you activate the Drivewise program. It remains on your policy for as long as you keep using Drivewise, regardless of what sort of driving habits are recorded.

Does Allstate Drivewise Decrease Rates?

The program will not raise your rates regardless of the driving habits recorded. You will earn the initial discount, but you may not receive other discounts. Allstate promises, however, that your rate will never increase. So if you’re wondering, “Why is Allstate so bad?” this might improve your opinion.

What About Allstate Drivewise Data Recording and Privacy?

Drivewise records quite a bit of information, but not all of it affects your performance reward. Through the app, the program records data and transmits it back to Allstate.

What driving habits does Allstate Drivewise monitor?

The telematics program that Allstate uses for the Drivewise program collects the following data:

  • Time of day: Driving between the hours of 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. on weekends is considered high risk, and the app counts how many of your driving hours take place at these times.
  • Braking: Allstate Drivewise, hard braking data, records hard and extreme braking incidents.
  • Speed: The program records how much time you spend driving above 80 mph.
  • Location: It tracks where your car travels and where it was last parked.
  • Miles drove: The number of miles driven each trip is recorded.
  • Trip data: Allstate Drivewise tracks when and where you drove, with starting and ending locations.

All of this information is visible to the driver within the app, but not all of it will be used by Allstate to calculate a discount. However, hard braking is one that usually results in penalizations (a lower discount), as well as speeding.

The Allstate mobile app automatically detects when driving is happening. The phone needs to be on with location services enabled, and the vehicle needs to travel at least 20 mph for a short distance. No action is necessary on your part to capture a trip. Even if the app is closed, it will still detect trips.

If you are not the driver, you can delete the trip in the app, and it will not count towards your driving record or rewards.

How Your Allstate Drivewise Information Is Used

How your information is used is one of the most common Allstate Drivewise FAQ. Allstate uses only three pieces of information from the Drivewise app to calculate your rewards. The company bases this on time of day, braking, and speed.

The app calculates a reward percentage based on how many hard or extreme braking incidents are recorded, how many hours you are on the road late at night, and how much of your driving is spent at speeds over 80 mph. There is also an overall “trip score” for each trip based on these pieces of information.

Allstate will not sell your personal data to other parties, but it does share your driving data with third parties to calculate your rewards.

Allstate may also share your data to comply with law enforcement, check for fraud, claims, and other necessary situations. This is all listed in Allstate’s privacy policy, so always make sure to read the fine print before signing up for anything.

Compared to some other usage-based programs, Allstate uses fewer pieces of information to inform Drivewise discounts. Other programs also take into consideration how many miles you drive and incidents of quick acceleration in addition to braking.

While the app can record a lot more information, most of this is mainly provided for the driver. Allstate doesn’t keep data about where you drive or park or any other trip information. The additional information is displayed for the driver’s benefit.

The app also includes “driving challenges,” which can be completed to earn Allstate Rewards points. As noted above, this part of the program is available even to non-customers of Allstate.

How To Cheat Allstate Drivewise App

Some ask how to cheat the Allstate Drivewise app. Since this is sophisticated software, it would be hard to manipulate the system. Aside from that, this would constitute a breach of the contract on your part. This could result in the loss of your insurance policy as well as potential legal consequences.

Allstate Drivewise does not reveal how it prevents users from cheating, as this would make it easier for people to figure out how to cheat the app. Users might try to cheat Allstate Drivewise App by tampering with the app, such as modifying the app to ignore hard braking.

However, if Allstate Drivewise catches users cheating on the app, the consequences include:

  • Loss of rewards
  • Loss of discounts
  • Possible loss of service
  • Possible legal action

So instead of trying to tamper with the app to increase rewards, it’s wiser to practice safe driving habits to get savings.

Allstate Drivewise Safe Driving Habits to Get Savings

Human error is the cause of 90% of road accidents. Practicing good driving habits not only benefits your safety and the safety of others, it can also save you money and time. Keep these three habits in mind when you’re driving and help improve the experience for everyone on our roads and highways.

1. Don’t speed – it’s not worth the risk or the cost: According to a Transport Canada study, most people exceed the speed limit, particularly on highways. Yet, over 20% of collisions on Canadian roads involve excessive speed.

Many people try to justify that driving faster gets you to your destination sooner. Occasionally, this may be true, but is the time you save worth the risk of a collision, injuries and fines? Consider a 25 km trip on a highway:

  • Travelling at the posted 100 km/h speed limit will take you 15 minutes
  • Travelling at 110 km/h will take you 13 minutes and 38 seconds

In this case, you only save one minute and 22 seconds. However, this doesn’t factor in traffic congestion or traffic lights when you get off the highway – both of which are likely to eliminate this minor time savings. At the same time, studies estimate speeding increases your risk of an accident by 30%.

Speeding also costs you money. In addition to the potential fines from law enforcement, aggressive accelerating and braking uses more fuel and wears out your brakes faster. An aggressive driver is likely to use 25% more fuel than an average driver, which can cost a regular commuter an extra $500 per year.

2. Keep your eyes on the road – distraction can be deadly: You may think you’re a great multi-tasker, but did you know that humans are only consciously able to attend to one task at a time? It’s not possible to pay full attention to driving while completing another task – like texting, changing the radio or eating.

Even if it only takes you two seconds to look at your device, you’ve already doubled your risk of a collision. At 100 km/h, you’ll travel 52 meters in two seconds – nearly the length of a hockey rink – over which the road conditions can drastically change.

Along with substantial fines and demerit points, some provinces are discussing the introduction of license suspensions for using hand-held electronic devices while driving. From both a safety and financial perspective, distracted driving is a bad idea, so stay focused on the road.

3. Maintain tire pressure – it’s cost effective and safer to drive: Driving with tires that aren’t properly inflated reduces your vehicle’s handling capabilities and increases your stopping distance. It also means you’ll need to replace your tires more frequently, as under-inflated tires worsen tread wear and increase the chance of your tires rupturing. Finally, your fuel economy will suffer if you drive with the wrong tire pressure.

Thankfully, these expensive problems can be mitigated by routinely using an inexpensive tool – a tire pressure gauge – which you can get online or in the automotive section of many local retail stores. Even if your car has an electronic tire pressure monitoring system, it’s a good idea to keep a gauge in your glove compartment. Check your vehicle’s owner manual or tire information placard for the correct pressures.

Final Words

Just so you know, The Allstate Drivewise App is a sophisticated software if you manipulate it and get caught you might Loss your rewards, Loss your discounts, Possibly loss your service with them and also it will cause a breach of the contract on your part. So I recommend you follow the above mentioned saving habit as its almost the same thing as cheating the App. Thanks and have a nice day.

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  1. I have a question about the drivewise app. On the app where it shows the trips you have taken and you can change who was driving. It say “this kind of trip does not affect your policy” at the bottom of the trip. Can someone please explain to me what this means thank you.

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