How To Cheat Nationwide SmartRide Device

Read this post carefully to know How To Cheat Nationwide SmartRide Device in order to get the maximum discount. You’ll be able to save on your policy based on your driving behavior.

How Does The Nationwide Smart Ride App Work?

The SmartRide device works through telematics, a system of measuring multiple factors, including speed and location. While some individuals have been concerned about privacy issues related to telematics in the past, Nationwide assures its customers that driving data is only used to track driving behaviors.

What Does Nationwide SmartRide Record?

The SmartRide device uses several pieces of data to calculate your driving trends, including your total miles driven, instances of hard braking or fast acceleration, idle time, and nighttime driving. All of these elements contribute to safer driving and will help Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company determine your discount.

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How To Cheat Nationwide SmartRide Device

Some drivers try to cheat the SmartRide device to receive a more considerable discount, but the program prevents individuals from doing so. If you do attempt to hack the program, you could face insurance fraud charges depending on what state you live in.

Is Nationwide A Good Insurance Company?

However, Nationwide and other insurance companies use these SmartRide type devices which basically monitor your driving behavior. Unfortunately, they seem to be designed to reduce your discount rate even more now with their added “idle time” monitor which they claim is used to analyze traffic heavy driving but doesn’t account for many other driving variables which may cause idling.

Anyway, so the device needs to be plugged in for 3 months for them to analyze the discount which will be applied to your next 6-month premium and obviously cannot be unplugged for an excessive amount of time or it’ll void the discount.

A friend of mine had an idea he wanted to try out since when a vehicle isn’t in use it still delivers a 12v supply to the obd2 port from the car’s battery but the ECU (or ECM) isn’t powered on. Basically, his idea involves using a 12v power supply to power the SmartRide device so that it still “looks” like it’s plugged in but the car just isn’t in use. I’m going to wire the 12v supply to an OBD2 female plug to the designated pinouts for the positive and negative and just have the device plugged into an indoor power outlet over time. He think this should solve his worries of driving too many miles, idling too much, driving at night time, and hard braking to maximize the discount rate to 40% off as advertised.

Now.. He just have to think about how much energy that’s going to cost me over the next few months to have it plugged in constantly.

Any thoughts or ideas on how he can reduce the energy consumption in a cost effective way? Maybe use a 12v solar power supply? I guess he should calculate the energy consumption in Kw haha.

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