How to Cheat Progressive Snapshot: Get The Maximum Discount

You are not only going to learn how to cheat progressive Snapshot, you will also learn how to get the maximum discount from Progressive Snapshot and the Progressive Snapshot driving habits to get Savings. Can a customer opt out of Snapshot? yes you will also learn how to opt out of Progressive Snapshop if you are not interested anymore. Keep reading.

Progressive’s Snapshot program personalizes your rate based on your actual driving. It’s technically called usage-based insurance. That means you pay based on how and how much you drive instead of just traditional factors. In most states, you get an automatic discount just for participating and a personalized rate at renewal depending on your results. While your rate could increase with high-risk driving, most drivers save with Snapshot. In fact, drivers who save with Snapshot save an average of $146 a year.

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What Does Snapshot from Progressive Track?

Progressive Snapshot measures your performance and awards your discount based on the following behaviors:

Hard brakes and rapid acceleration. Progressive Snapshot tracks your speed and uses it to determine if you’ve braked or accelerated too quickly. The device version of Progressive Snapshot makes a beeping sound when you’ve braked too hard — a feature some drivers find helpful and some find irritating.

Driving between midnight and 4 a.m. on weekends. Progressive Snapshot considers these hours the most high-risk driving time and penalizes drivers for being on the road during them.

Overall mileage. The more time you spend on the road, the more statistically likely you are to get into an accident, so Progressive tracks your mileage and uses it to calculate your discount.

How to Get Started With Snapshot

SIGN UP: Get a quote, enroll in Snapshot, and then choose to participate using the mobile app or plug-in device.

DRIVE: Make sure to download and register with the app or plug in the device. Drive with Snapshot for your first policy period (usually about six months).

SAVE: You can check progress to see how you’re doing in the app or online.

How to Cheat Progressive Snapshot

Do you want to trick Progressive Snapshot into thinking you’re a smarter driver than you are? Don’t try it. It may be tempting to uninstall the app, but Progressive explicitly says that doing this could cause you to forfeit your discount. However, while you should not uninstall the app, you can temporarily turn off Bluetooth and location services when you’re not driving. That way, you’re not constantly sharing location data with Progressive.

The discount that Progressive offers relates to the number of hard brakes you incur, the time that you drive at night and the number of miles you drive. Racking up more miles is the easiest, controllable factor to beat the system. The hard brake-to-mile ratio is really what they’re looking for when determining the discount for your policy.

In other words, you can either adjust your braking behavior, or you can add more miles to the data to win with the law of averages.

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You should not consider cheating Progressive Snapshot if:

  • Your main goal is to maximize your car insurance discount. Progressive Snapshot monitors your driving continuously, but it also offers you the opportunity to save up to 30% or, in some states, up to 50% on your car insurance.
  • You feel confident in your ability to drive phone-free. Your phone usage impacts your discount with Progressive Snapshot, so if you rely on your phone while driving, it may be worth it to consider another program.
  • You’d prefer to just enroll one car on your policy. While some programs require you to enroll all the cars and drivers included on your policy, Progressive Snapshot does not — though your discount will increase if you do.

So instead of trying to tamper with the app to increase rewards, it’s wiser to practice safe driving habits to get savings.

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Progressive Snapshot Driving Habits to Get Savings

Human error is the cause of 90% of road accidents. Practicing good driving habits not only benefits your safety and the safety of others, it can also save you money and time. Keep these three habits in mind when you’re driving and help improve the experience for everyone on our roads and highways.

1. Don’t speed – it’s not worth the risk or the cost: According to a Transport Canada study, most people exceed the speed limit, particularly on highways. Yet, over 20% of collisions on Canadian roads involve excessive speed.

Many people try to justify that driving faster gets you to your destination sooner. Occasionally, this may be true, but is the time you save worth the risk of a collision, injuries and fines? Consider a 25 km trip on a highway:

  • Travelling at the posted 100 km/h speed limit will take you 15 minutes
  • Travelling at 110 km/h will take you 13 minutes and 38 seconds

In this case, you only save one minute and 22 seconds. However, this doesn’t factor in traffic congestion or traffic lights when you get off the highway – both of which are likely to eliminate this minor time savings. At the same time, studies estimate speeding increases your risk of an accident by 30%.

Speeding also costs you money. In addition to the potential fines from law enforcement, aggressive accelerating and braking uses more fuel and wears out your brakes faster. An aggressive driver is likely to use 25% more fuel than an average driver, which can cost a regular commuter an extra $500 per year.

2. Keep your eyes on the road – distraction can be deadly: You may think you’re a great multi-tasker, but did you know that humans are only consciously able to attend to one task at a time? It’s not possible to pay full attention to driving while completing another task – like texting, changing the radio or eating.

Even if it only takes you two seconds to look at your device, you’ve already doubled your risk of a collision. At 100 km/h, you’ll travel 52 meters in two seconds – nearly the length of a hockey rink – over which the road conditions can drastically change.

Along with substantial fines and demerit points, some provinces are discussing the introduction of license suspensions for using hand-held electronic devices while driving. From both a safety and financial perspective, distracted driving is a bad idea, so stay focused on the road.

3. Maintain tire pressure – it’s cost effective and safer to drive: Driving with tires that aren’t properly inflated reduces your vehicle’s handling capabilities and increases your stopping distance. It also means you’ll need to replace your tires more frequently, as under-inflated tires worsen tread wear and increase the chance of your tires rupturing. Finally, your fuel economy will suffer if you drive with the wrong tire pressure.

Thankfully, these expensive problems can be mitigated by routinely using an inexpensive tool – a tire pressure gauge – which you can get online or in the automotive section of many local retail stores. Even if your car has an electronic tire pressure monitoring system, it’s a good idea to keep a gauge in your glove compartment. Check your vehicle’s owner manual or tire information placard for the correct pressures.

How To Opt Out of Progressive Snapshot

Can a customer opt out of Snapshot? Snapshot is a voluntary program, and a customer can opt out at any time by sending the device back to Progressive. However, the customer will lose their Participation Discount and any chance to earn additional savings at renewal.

Progressive Snapshot: The Bottom Line

Snapshot could be a good or bad thing depending on your driving habits. For many, the idea of a company monitoring your driving is a revolting one, even in this small degree. The good news is that it isn’t mandatory, although some experts speculate that it will be one day.

If you are a great driver, this could equate to a deeper discount for you. The worst-case scenario is that you don’t get the discount you are looking for and your rates go up instead.

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  1. i have automatic breaking and cruise control distance keeping on my car and used the app. Snapshot gave me a C minus due to hard braking from cars cutting in front of me on the highway and my car having to slow down more than 7 mph, then my rates went up. My opinion is the Snapshot app does not work based on the drivers usage correctly and should not be allowed!

    I travel on the Highway at the posted speed (duh it saves gas and its a hybrid), I don’t use my phone, and I try to stay in the right late, or 1 over from the right to be considerate of cars moving faster (that should be on the left). But this app does not take into account my speed, my travel mileage, or my cars Automated Assist Options. They just assume its me Hard Braking, and not my car, based on other idiots driving crazy!!!!

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