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  1. i have automatic breaking and cruise control distance keeping on my car and used the app. Snapshot gave me a C minus due to hard braking from cars cutting in front of me on the highway and my car having to slow down more than 7 mph, then my rates went up. My opinion is the Snapshot app does not work based on the drivers usage correctly and should not be allowed!

    I travel on the Highway at the posted speed (duh it saves gas and its a hybrid), I don’t use my phone, and I try to stay in the right late, or 1 over from the right to be considerate of cars moving faster (that should be on the left). But this app does not take into account my speed, my travel mileage, or my cars Automated Assist Options. They just assume its me Hard Braking, and not my car, based on other idiots driving crazy!!!!

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