How To Check Your AccountNow Balance Online

If you are looking for how to check your AccountNow Balance online then this post will walk you through the required steps. Online activities would always require you to have an online account. So, checking your Account Now Balance Online would require you to be registered for account Now online access. However, if you have not registered jus follow the steps below to register for Account Now online Access.

How To Register For Account Now Online Access

The first step to register your AccountNow Prepaid Card is to visit the AccountNow website. Once you are on the website, click on the “LOGIN” link. Next, click on the “Click here to create my username and password now” link.

You will be taken to a secure page where you will be asked to provide the following information to create an online account:

  • Last Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Zip Code

After you have successfully entered the information requested in the box provided, click on the “create my username and password” link to complete your AccountNow online account registration process.

How To Check Your AccountNow Balance Online

After registering for Account Now online access, you will obtain a unique username and password. The username and password is what you will use to access your account online. So to check your AccountNow balance online. Simply log in, select your card account, and click on “Card account acitivity”. You can also check your balance via the mobile app. Plus, you can have your balance sent to your cell phone via SMS text alerts. All you need to do is sign up for AccountNow alerts here and text Balance to 78406.

AccountNow Pre-paid Account FAQs

Below are some of the AccountNow Pre-paid Account FAQs and answers to help you understand your query better.

1: How do I view my account balance and transaction details? You can view your account balance and transaction details online. Log in and select your card account. Click “Card Account Activity” to view your balance and transactions. You can also get account information sent to your cell phone via SMS Text Alerts. Carrier message and data rates apply.

2: How do I add or delete a signer to my prepaid account? For security purposes, contact AccountNow customer service by phone so they can verify your information and modify your account. 3: How do I change the email address and/or phone number on my prepaid account? You can update your email address or phone number online – just login to your account. Or call AccountNow customer service and they’ll change it for you (customer service fees may apply).

4: Can I get my account information sent to my cell phone? Yes, you can get your account information sent to your cell phone for free. Carrier message and data rates apply. You can even setup automatic notifications to receive a text anytime money is deposited into your account.

AccountNow Customer Service

If you want to learn more about your AccountNow online account or having issues with your account then you might want to contact AccountNow Customer Support, please call AccountNow Customer Service at 800-708-7166.


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