How To Download myWisely App for Android and iOS

Download myWisely App for Android and iOS because it makes it easy to put financial wellness, money management and spending flexibility into every everyone’s hand. Spending, saving and financial wellness all in one place. The myWisely mobile app helps cardholders get the most out of Wisely.

myWisely app makes it easy for users to:

  • Manage their money by depositing compensation from multiple sources, transferring funds, finding nearby ATMs and making purchases online, in-store, peer-to-peer or over the phone.
  • Plan for the future with tools for saving money, tracking spending habits, and achieving financial wellness. Companion cards for friends and family are free, too.
  • Rest easy knowing their money protected. Built-in features like advanced fraud protection, card locking, and biometric safeguards protect you and your employees.
  • Stay informed about all the special promotions, deals and sweepstakes for Wisely cardholders.

myWisely App FAQs

1: What’s the difference between Dosh on the myWisely app and the Dosh app? The Dosh service is fully integrated into the myWisely app and offers the same cash back benefits as the Dosh app.

Remember, you must opt-in for Dosh on the myWisely app to use your Wisely card for Dosh cash back rewards.

2: How do I purchase an eGift card on the myWisely app? Sign into the myWisely app and select “Wisely Cash Back Rewards”, select Cash back eGift Cards, then choose an eGift card from a participating retailer and complete your purchase directly through the app.

Remember, you can spend only what is on your Wisely card. To purchase an eGift card, you must have enough available funds in your account to cover the full cost of the eGift card.

3: Is there a minimum or maximum dollar amount for bills that can paid using the myWisely app?There is no minimum amount for a bill payment. Currently, there is a maximum amount of $10,000 per bill.

4: Is there a limit to the number of bills I can pay using the myWisely app?: No. You can pay an unlimited number of bills, if you have money in your Wisely account to cover them.

5: Is there a fee for paying bills using the myWisely app?: There is no fee from Wisely to pay a bill using the myWisely app. See your Wisely Cardholder Agreement and Disclosure for more details. Standard data charges may apply.

How To Download myWisely App for Android and iOS

The Wisely Paycard is a reloadable debit card account that allows you to access your pay anywhere, anytime through the myWisely app. Through this app, you can manage your money, find nearby ATMs, see spending trends, and set aside savings.

The myWisely app can be downloaded from either the Apple or Google Play store:

Paying bills using the myWisely app lets you initiate a bill payment in seconds with your smart phone. Just snap a photo of the bill, import an image of a paperless bill or search and add a new biller.

It’s a quick, convenient and secure way to pay bills. The payments you make are deducted from your Wisely balance. To pay a bill, log into the myWisely app and click the arrow in the top right corner and select “pay a bill”.

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