How To Enable Quick Logon USAA

How To Enable Quick Logon USAA: Be ready to simplify your life with the USAA Mobile App. Manage insurance, banking and more — all from your mobile device with USAA Quick Logon.

Instead of logging on with your Online ID, password and PIN, simply enter your PIN to access your accounts. Quick Logon uses Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) technology to generate one-time security codes. Theye use a security code along with your PIN to log you on with a unique password each and every time.

Once you Enable Quick Logon USAA, you will conveniently Use the USAA Mobile App to pay bills, transfer funds and more. It’s convenient and secure.

Reason Why You Need To Use USAA Quick Logon

USAA Quick Logon i’s more secure, even if a hacker is able to guess your PIN, he would still need to have your phone to log on. When you use Quick Logon, you’re using what is called two-factor authentication, which requires:

  • Something you know — your PIN.
  • Something you have — your phone with Symantec VIP.

Features Of USAA Quick Logon

Security Beyond Your Password: You will be able to Log on to your USAA account with secure fingerprint, face or voice recognition. With this extra layer of protection, you can quickly access and manage your sensitive financial information.

Easy Search Options: Just say or type your question. Their in-app assistant will help with specific guidance or get you in touch with a USAA representative.

How To Enable Quick Logon USAA

Quick Logon is available for the USAA Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android. Setting it up is easy! Just open up the USAA Mobile App, navigate to the settings panel and turn on Quick Logon.

How To Enable Quick Logon USAA

You can manage many of your banking needs online in minutes from Account Services.

Routing Number: 314074269

Mailing Address

USAA Federal Savings Bank

10750 McDermott Freeway

San Antonio, TX 78288

USAA Main Number: 210-531-8722 or 800-531-8722

Fax Number: 800-531-571

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