How To Enroll In Progressive Snapshot

If you are interested in Telematics and have a policy with Progressive, hopefully you might want to know How To Enroll In Progressive Snapshot to get the maximum discount for your car insurance.

If the above statement is correct then you are in the right place to know how to How To Enroll In Progressive Snapshot. Your safe driving habits can help you save on car insurance.  Snapshot fits into your car’s OBD-II port.

What is Snapshot?

Typically, car insurance rates are based on a variety of factors related to your driving history or the histories of drivers who are similar to you. Snapshot prices your insurance differently and personalizes your insurance rate based on your actual driving (called usage-based car insurance insurance). The better you drive, the more you can save.

Snapshot is great for drivers who are good learners from external input; if you recognize the message the beeps send and try not to trigger them, this could be a great tool to help improve your driving. Progressive says that 2 in 10 drivers actually increase their insurance rate after using Snapshot.

When you sign up for Snapshot, you choose if you want to use the plug-in device or the mobile app. Both work very similarly and give you a discount for good driving, but there are slight differences. However, you can Cancel Progressive Snapshot anytime you want.

How is the Progressive Mobile App Experience Different from The Plug-in Device Experience?

The mobile app and the plug-in device experience are very similar. For both, you get a participation discount just for signing up. The participation discount remains on your policy for the first policy term and is replaced at renewal by your personalized rate. The mobile app and the plug-in device use similar variables to evaluate your driving and provide a personalized rate.

In addition to the variables in common between the plug-in device and the mobile app, the app considers handheld phone use behind the wheel. The mobile app gives you convenient access to driving data and feedback on your mobile phone. Additionally, there is no need to plug in a device or mail it back at the end of the program.

How Does the Progressive Snapshot Program work?

So, what does Progressive Snapshot do? There are a few types of telematics devices that can track your driving. As discussed, Snapshot uses either a plug-in device or a mobile app to record driving habits.

In addition to recording information, the device will beep three times whenever it senses hard braking. This is meant to be a reminder to the driver to be more aware of their braking behavior.

The mobile app is downloaded and installed on your phone. All that’s required is that you take your phone with you every time you drive. In addition to sending information to Progressive, the app will also allow you to view and track all of the recorded trip information right on your phone.

Progressive uses the tracked information to award drivers a grade based on their performance. In the app, you’ll see a letter grade that lets you know what kind of discount you’re on track to earn. The better your driving, the better the grade.

What Does Progressive Snapshot Record?

Through the plug-in device and the app, Snapshot records several data items. This data is transmitted back to Progressive and used to determine discounts or increases on your rates

The telematics device that Progressive uses for the Snapshot program collects the following data:

  • Braking: The system looks for instances of hard-braking (braking/stopping suddenly or quickly).
  • Acceleration: The device records instances of quick acceleration.
  • Time of day: The device records when you drive, specifically the time of day that you’re on the road.
  • Mileage: The device records the length of each trip to accurately determine how many miles you regularly drive.
  • Trip frequency: How often you drive your car will also be recorded.
  • Location: The device includes a GPS to locate your vehicle.

In addition to these basics, the mobile app records even more information, including a map of your trips. On that map, the locations where things like hard-braking occurred are highlighted, as well as when and where you used your phone.

How To Enroll In Progressive Snapshot

You can enroll in the Snapshot program at the time you purchase your policy or by calling Progressive at 1-877-329-7283.

In seven to ten days after enrolling, you will receive a details, along with the device, on where to plug it into your car. Then you’ll drive as you normally would to take your driving snapshot.  Whether you purchased a Progressive policy or signed up for their 30-day trial, you will receive your device in the mail within seven to 10 days.

How To Install Progressive Snapshot

For most cars, installation is very easy. To utilize the plug-in Snapshot device, your car will need to be a model year 1996 or newer.

If you choose to use the mobile app, all you have to do is download it and install it on your mobile device. From there, the app will continue to run in the background as long as your mobile phone is turned on and in service, and you won’t have to do anything more unless you need to pause or restart it.

The plug-in device is attached directly to your car’s Onboard Diagnostic port (OBD-II), which is generally located somewhere under the dashboard. Progressive offers guidance to help you find out where the port is on your car and how to plug it in.

Once it’s plugged in, you leave it in place for the duration of the information-gathering period, and then remove it at the end to send back to Progressive. They will calculate your driving score and use that to determine how much you will pay for your insurance policy.

The Bottom Line

Enrolling in Progressive Snapshot has the potential to save you an average of about 10-15 percent on your car insurance rates. At the very least, it will get you an initial discount on your first policy term.

If you cannot see the app in the App Store, it’s because your phone isn’t supported. If you already signed up for the mobile program, please call them at 1-877-329-7283 to switch to the plug-in device.

Anyone thinking of trying out the program, however, should be aware that it is not risk-free, and 20 percent of the time the result is a rate increase. It’s up to the individual to decide whether or not they feel confident enough in their driving skills and habits to avoid that risk and plan accordingly.

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