How To Fix Allstate Drivewise Not Recording Trips (Solved)

Are you worried about your Allstate Drivewise app or device Not Recording Trips? If you have landed to this page because of that then worry no more. In this post we are going to share with you the possible reasons why Allstate Drivewise is Not Recording your Trips and how to handle them. You may Also want to know the Solution to Allstate Drivewise App Not Working (Solved)

Allstate Drivewise is a strong choice for drivers who are comfortable sharing personal data in exchange for auto insurance discounts. However, Allstate Drivewise should automatically detect when you’re on a drive and begin recording when it detects a significant location change. If you only drove a few hundred yards then it’s likely that you did not drive far enough for the app to recognize a trip has started. To ensure your trips are getting recorded properly, first let’s make sure you have the following fixed: 

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Allstate Drivewise Mobile App vs. Allstate Drivewise Device

Allstate Drivewise monitors your behavior through one of two methods: the Drivewise feature on the Allstate mobile app and the Drivewise device. Most participants in the program use the mobile app version, since the device version is only available in New York and Arkansas.

Both of these programs allow drivers to receive discounts on their auto insurance, but there are slight differences in how the programs operate and what data they collect. We’ve outlined how Drivewise works for both of these versions and the differences between them below.

1: Allstate Drivewise mobile app The Allstate Drivewise mobile version uses a feature within the Allstate app to track your driving performance. There is no specific app exclusively dedicated to Drivewise. You can also learn how to enroll in the Drivewise program and use the app, which we’ve adapted in the following steps:

Step one: Install the Allstate app on your mobile device. You can download the app via the Apple store or the Google Android store.

Step two: Log in to the app with your Allstate My Account ID, accept the terms of service and allow location services. Enroll your policy in Drivewise through the app, through your account on or by calling your insurance agent.

Step three: Drive at least 50 trips during the six-month performance period. Your phone must have at least 25% battery power in order for the app to track your driving. You do not need to have the app on when you drive, but you must give it permission to run in the background.

Step four: Review your progress. The app shows your driving habits, your savings and your phone usage behind the wheel.

2: Allstate Drivewise Device: The Drivewise device program uses a mobile device installed in your car’s OBD port to track your driving and reward you for safe behavior. It is only available in New York and Arkansas, and New York drivers are not eligible for the Allstate Rewards program.

We’ve adapted the steps outlined on Allstate’s website detailing how to enroll in the program below:

Step one: Call Allstate or your Allstate insurance agent to enroll your policy in Drivewise. Enrollment requires a valid email address that you regularly use.

Step two: Allstate will send you the Drivewise device via the mail. Install it in your car’s on-board diagnostic port. Let any other listed operators of the car know that the Drivewise device has been installed.

Step three: Allstate will then send you an email confirming installation of the Drivewise device and inviting you to sign up for a MyAllstate account. Begin driving and make sure the device remains plugged in for at least 60 days of the six-month performance period.

Step four. Use either this web-based account or the Allstate mobile app to review your habits and rewards

How To Fix Drivewise Not Recording Trips (Problem Solved)

On the face of it, your problem came up when you replaced the starter. Your Drivewise device and your starter have one thing in common, they both need electricity to work. It could be a cosmic coincidence happened, they occur from time to time, but experience tells me they may be connected.

I suggest you go over the installation of both the starter and the other device. Check the fuse box for any blown fuses or circuit breakers, check over the connections on the starter and device, and look for wires you may have inadvertently pulled or knocked loose.

Was there a wire obstructing your reach that you disconnected and forgot to put back? The hardest fault to find is a brand new part that’s faulty.

Try taking the new device out and jumping its hot and ground wires straight from the battery. If it doesn’t light, there’s your problem. In fact, try both devices, the old one may not be faulty if the problem is a crossed, shorted or ungrounded wire. If you find a blown fuse, get a wire diagram and find out what is on that circuit.

It may be another item on that circuit that blew the fuse and the others are still good. If you don’t have any bad fuses, it may be a bad ground somewhere, a wire screwed to the chassis somewhere that got knocked loose.

I don’t have access to the car, or even know what kind or how old it is, I’m flying blind. You don’t need a fancy meter, a common test light will do. If you lack one, any parts store will have one. A couple jumper wires with alligator clips are handy too, just be careful what you touch them to, they’re not fused. Try what I’ve pointed out, and good luck.

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On the Allstate Drivewise app, is there a way to indicate that you are a passenger on a particular trip, so that it doesn’t attribute the driving behavior to you?

Yes. You can go into your app and remove any trip by notating that you were not driving during that particular trip.

On the Drivewise or any similar device from any other insurance company, they are measuring the way the car is being driven, and NOT how you personally drive. So if this is a short, one time thing, don’t worry about it. If it will be a regular thing, and you are paying the insurance, you might not want to let the other person drive your car.


I believe the above information will help you to Fix Allstate Drivewise Not Recording Trips. If after trying the above tips and your problem is not yet solved then drop a comment below. We will keep in touch as soon as possible or by informing Allstate Drivewise team by calling customer support at 1-877-431-7670.


  1. Drivewise on 2 of 3 vehicles is not working. Please assist in this matter.

  2. What starter are you talking about in the last section? The Allstate agent said that all I would need is the app to work. Everything is updated and all permissions are allowed yet it is still not recording trips. Am I just stuck with high rates?

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