How To Fix Green Dot App Not Working

We all love our smartphones and continue to expect more from them with each passing day. But every now and then, an app might go rogue, causing stress and frustration – especially if you’re using it for your mobile banking transactions. If your Green Dot App is down continue reading to know How To Fix Green Dot App Not Working.

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Reasons For Green Dot App Not Working

There are several reasons behind not working of Green Dot App.

Maybe Green Dot App is in under maintenance or the server is down. Other then this, there are some other common issues that can interrupt your service.

But the most common problem of Green Dot App is not opening or transactions is not initiating. This can be a real problem, for obvious reasons, especially for those who use it daily.

If you are facing trouble while accessing Green Dot App read on. You will find a number of fixes for this.

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How To Fix Green Dot App Not Working

First things first. If you’re experiencing what might be labeled as a general technical difficulty, try these steps. If the first one doesn’t work, try the second one, then the third, and so on.

  1. Close the app, open it again and retry
  2. Log out of the app, wait two minutes, then log back in
  3. Restart your phone and try again
  4. Delete and reinstall the app and try again
  5. Check for phone software and app updates to make sure you’re on the latest version

Like computers, your phone and/or app may just need a quick reboot to begin working again.

If you have login or account related issue, please check the following steps.

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  1. The Green Dot – Mobile Banking server may be down and that is causing the login/account issue. Please try logging in after few minutes.
  2. Your wifi / mobile data connection not working properly. Please check your data connection.
  3. You may be trying with wrong login credentials. Please confirm the details that you are entering is correct.
  4. If you’re using third-party social networks to login such as Facebook, twitter, google etc, check whether that service is working properly by visiting their official website.
  5. Your account may be banned or deactivated for activities. Please read error messages.

For additional help, scroll to the bottom of the website and click “Get Help” link under contact us. For assistance with common issues, MoneyPak customers can call (866) 795-7969.

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