How to Fix Liberty Mutual RightTrack App/Device Not Working

Are you worried about Liberty Mutual Right Track Not Working? If yes then you don’t need to worry anymore, In this post you are going to learn How To Fix Liberty Mutual Right Track app Not Working.

If it is the device that is not working you are going to learn How To Fix Liberty Mutual Right Track device Not Working all in this post. All you need to do is to read this post till the end to get Liberty Mutual Right Track Working again for you.

If you are no longer interested in the program then you may also want to know How To Cancel Liberty Mutual Right Track

After installing the RightTrack device, you should see blinking lights on the device which confirm successful installation. They will also send you an email within 48 hours after your first trip, which will confirm that your device has been activated and will also include information on how to access your driving data online.

How To Fix Liberty Mutual Right Track Not Working

You may remove the device only if you decide to opt out of the program. If you plan to stay enrolled, the device should remain installed for the entire review period to qualify for the RightTrack discount. To prevent tampering, the device is programmed to detect when it has been disconnected.

However, If it appears that your device is not working properly, please unplug it and contact customer support at 1-866-274-0892 or email [email protected] for assistance on how to fix it immediately.

If you suspect that the RightTrack app is not working properly, ensure you have downloaded the latest version from the app store and please uninstall and reinstall the app, logging in with your account credentials. Or call Liberty Mutual at 1-866-274-0892 for further assistance.

You need either an iPhone (iOS 11.0 or later) or an Android Phone (version 5.0 or later). GPS and Bluetooth capabilities must be available on your phone. Please contact your local Liberty Mutual office or call 1-800-295-2820 with eligibility questions.

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How To Properly Install Liberty Mutual Right Track Device

Consult the visual on the tag linking successful screen or in the program manual you received with your device. You should use the adhesive on the tag to stick it to your windshield, somewhere behind the rearview mirror. The tag must be on a stationary surface in order to get an accurate measurement of driving events.

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