How To Fix Squarespace Login Page Not Loading

Is your Squarespace Login Page Not Loading? Are you finding it difficult to have access to your website? Which ever problem you have this is the final solution.

If your site isn’t loading, it could be related to a system wide issue they are fixing. To stay updated about issues, follow @Squarespace Help on Twitter or check their Status page. You can subscribe to status updates via SMS or email by clicking Subscribe to updates on that page.

Squarespace Login Steps

Before you begin: Ensure you’re using the same login method you chose when you signed up. You can log in using an email address and password, or through Apple, Facebook, or Google.

To begin using this service or log in to your existing account, you just have to visit its official site on Click on Login then enter your login detail and click login that’s all.

Squarespace Login Page Not Loading (Solution)

If you forgot your password: If you can’t log in because you lost your password, click here to reset your password. For more information, visit Resetting your Squarespace password.

If You forgot your email address: If you can’t log in because you forgot the email address linked to your account, click here to recover your account. For more information, visit Recovering your account email address. If you’ve added a phone number to your account, you can recover your account by text message.

You are seeing an error message: (This email address was not found) This message means we can’t find a Squarespace site associated with the email address you entered. To resolve this:

  • Check the email address field on the login screen for any typos.
  • Try other email addresses you may have used to create your account. Start with ones linked to social accounts like Apple, Facebook, or Google.

If you tried the steps above and still can’t log in, fill out this form to help them find your account. After verifying that you’re the account owner, an Advisor will work with you to resolve the issue.

The password is incorrect: This message means the password you entered doesn’t match what’s in our system. To resolve this:

Account not found: You’ll see this error if you try to log in through a social account that’s not connected to a Squarespace account. To resolve:

How To Fix Squarespace Login Page Not Loading

If you’re having trouble viewing or editing your site, the issue might be related to your browser. When you contact them for help, they might ask you to do some troubleshooting to help them identify the cause of the problem.

Before you contact them, it’s helpful if you’ve already taken these steps:

Ensure you’re using a supported browser and it’s the latest version for your operating system.

Open or log into your site in a different browser. If you don’t have the same problem, the issue is likely isolated to the first browser. If you contact them, let them know which browsers you tried.

Open your site in a private or incognito window. With private browsing, you can see your site how visitors see it and test what you can’t see when you’re logged in (like some custom code or embedded content). It also turns off extensions and add-ons that interfere with Squarespace. If private browsing fixes the problem, follow the next steps.

Review your DNS settings or third party domain connection for domain issues. If you see a privacy or security warning when visiting the site, troubleshoot the SSL.

Clear your cache.

Confirm that cookies and JavaScript are enabled in your browser. Their system relies on these to help you edit and browse your site.

Disable browser extensions that might be interfering with your site.

Reset your browser zoom settings to ensure you’re not zoomed in or out. Use Ctrl + 0 (PC) or  + 0 (Mac).

Restart your router, modem, or gateway to clear its cache. Refer to your provider’s instructions for how to do this.

If you have other devices or connections available, like another computer or wireless network, try opening or logging into to your site with them. If you don’t have the same problem, the issue may be related to the first device or connection.

If you’ve tried all of the steps above and you’re still having trouble, contact them. Let them know which steps you’ve tried so they can continue to troubleshoot. They might ask you for a screenshot of the issue so we can see what you’re seeing.

How To Contact Squarespace Customer Support

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the above solution, then contact them through the following ways. Their normal hours are:


  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Live chat

  • Monday-Friday: 4AM to 8PM EST
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed

More ways to get 24/7 support

When you contact them, you’ll always talk to real, friendly humans. If you’re looking for phone support, note that they limit their support to online communication.

Contact Squarespace

To start an email or live chat, visit their Contact page, choose a topic that best fits your question, and follow the prompts to send us your message.

Keep in mind:

  • The contact form isn’t supported in Microsoft Edge. Please use a different browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Live chat isn’t available on mobile devices.
  • They currently only offer live chat in English. Email support is available in all of their supported account languages.
  • To chat with them, ensure that you’re using the latest version of your browser and that JavaScript is enabled.
  • Some Squarespace emails come from addresses that can’t receive inbound messages, so you can’t respond to those directly. However, they are always happy to help.

Tips for contacting Squarespace

To expedite your answer, consider these tips when contacting them:

  • Log into your Squarespace account. If you’re not able to log into your account, try their troubleshooting steps.
  • If you’re working with a third party such as a domain or email provider, log into your account with them.
  • Being specific really helps. The more details you include about the page, URL, or location you have questions about, the better we can understand what you want to achieve.
  • Visuals help too. Feel free to upload screenshots or files that can help them see what you’re seeing. They can’t see embedded images, so attach them rather than dragging them into the body of the email.

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