How To Fix State Farm Drive Safe And Save not Recording Trips

Solution To State Farm Drive Safe And Save not Recording Trips

Is your State Farm Drive Safe And Save not Recording Trips? If yes, then you have landed to this page because of that then worry no more. In this post we are going to share with you the possible reasons why State Farm Drive Safe And Save is Not Recording your Trips and how to handle it.

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Battery saving options on your phone may be keeping the phone from sending trips to State Farm. Make sure your battery saver is off and Drive Safe & Save is on the “unmonitored apps” list.

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Note: Some Android phone models may need to adjust app battery settings to allow background activity by navigating to: Settings > Apps > Drive Safe & Save™ > Battery > Allow background activity.

How To Fix State Farm Drive Safe and Save not Recording Trips (Solved)

  • Ensure location preference is set to “Always” or “Always Allow”. Drive Safe & Save runs in the background to start, record, and stop trips. Setting other than “Always” or “Always Allow” will not allow the Drive Safe & Save app to record trips, which could impact the discount.
  • Poor Location quality impacts the phone’s ability to determine speed and/or distance and can affect the trip details that are logged.
  • The trip will appear to be shorter than expected if connectivity to the Bluetooth beacon was lost because Bluetooth was turned off. Leave Bluetooth on at all times while driving.
  • Low phone battery can impact trip recording and Location quality. This can be avoided by plugging in and charging the phone while driving. Keep phone battery life above 20% at all times.

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  • The battery in the Bluetooth beacon may be depleted. Check the Bluetooth beacon and make sure that the red light turns on briefly when the small white button on the front of the beacon is held down. If not, call their 24/7 tech support line at 888-559-1922 or email them.
  • The Bluetooth beacon may not be paired in the app. Log into the app and tap on the car to see which beacon is paired to the car.

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  • Check for available updates in the App Store or Google Play.
  • If the Wi-Fi setting in the Drive Safe & Save app is selected, make sure you connect to Wi-Fi to send trip data.
  • Poor cellular connection could be preventing trips from sending. If the Wi-Fi setting is not selected, try selecting it when you’re connected to Wi-Fi to send trips.
  • If you have not yet adhered your beacon to the windshield behind your rearview mirror, consider doing this.
  • If phone memory is full, the app will not be able to record trip data and temporarily store it on the phone.
  • If the app is force closed, it cannot record trips. Try opening the app again.
  • Try restarting your phone. This is similar to restarting a computer, and allows processes to reset.
  • The Drive Safe & Save enrollment of the car may have changed. Log in to the app. Does the status text under the car name still indicate enrollment in Drive Safe & Save Mobile? If not, contact your State Farm agent.

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Your discount is based on mileage and basic driving characteristics. The number of miles collected by the Drive Safe & Save app will be validated against the odometer readings you provide prior to each policy renewal.

Your basic driving characteristics are determined using information recorded by the Drive Safe & Save app. You may take a trip that the app does not capture accurately, but your basic driving characteristics can still be determined from the trips the app does capture. To get the most from your discount opportunity, ensure as many trips as possible are recorded by bringing your phone on all trips and leaving Bluetooth, Location, and data on.

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If you still need help, contact them 24/7 at 888-559-1922 or email them.


  1. Cecilia Junkins says:

    The state farm beacon will record yield signs as bad cornering each time you drive. Therefore, giving you a bad rating on this. Something, state farm should fix. Also, my beacon didn’t record after 26 days and 275 miles. Phoned the 800 number and representative said it was on their I T end problem and would be fixed later in the day. I did lose a record trip in the morning.

  2. Pam Pingel says:

    I just put a new beacon in yesterday and it only recorded one trip of 4, tried all of the above and wondering if it’s something on your end.

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