How to get instant online term life insurance quotes

What is Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is a contract between a policyholder and an insurance company that says if the insured person passes away within the time period of the policy, the insurer will pay a death benefit to the beneficiaries named on the policy. Continue reading to know How to get instant online term life insurance quotes.

If you’re buying term life insurance, you have two main decisions to make: How long the term should be and how much life insurance you need?

With level term life insurance, the annual cost of the insurance remains the same every year for the term period. Once the level term period is over, you can generally renew the policy, but at higher rates each year you renew.

If you outlive the length of the policy without renewing, the policy expires. There is no refund of what you’ve paid in, unless you bought a policy type called return of premium term life insurance.

Many people buy term life insurance for income replacement. They’re looking for life insurance that will provide funds for a family to pay expenses for a certain number of years if they were no longer there to work and earn money. Term life is also good for:

  • Covering the years of a mortgage, so another borrower does not have to sell the house.
  • Covering other specific debts that would be passed on to someone else.
  • Covering the years until children have graduated from college, to make sure there are funds for tuition and living expenses.

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How does term life insurance work?

Customers choose the term, which is usually 10,15, 20, or 30 years, and make regular payments for that time period. If the insured customer dies while covered, their beneficiaries generally receive the death benefit tax-free. Premiums don’t change for the coverage period the customer selects.

How much term life insurance is right for you?

The amount of coverage recommended depends on the size of the death benefit and your term length . It can provide protection until you pass various milestones, like a child’s college graduation or paying off a mortgage. Knowing your goals can help you decide what to pay.

Who needs life insurance?

InsuranceDiaries recommends life insurance if anyone depends on you financially. For many people, the best option is term life insurance, which lasts for a limited time. Others may need permanent insurance, which doesn’t expire as long as premiums are paid.

Term life insurance costs less than permanent insurance, and you can choose a term that matches the years when people depend on you financially. By the time the term ends, you may no longer need life insurance: Your house will be paid down, your kids will be grown and you’ll have some money in the bank. Term life is sufficient for most families.

However, whole life insurance and other forms of permanent coverage can be useful if you want to provide money for your heirs regardless of when you die. A permanent life insurance policy can also be useful if you want to spend your retirement savings but still leave an inheritance or money for final expenses, such as funeral costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get instant online term life insurance quotes

Are you searching the internet for obtaining your instant term life insurance quote and want to go for a good quote comparison but aren’t willing to share your personal information at the same time? There’s nothing wrong in keeping your information private and making sure it isn’t sold to a whole bunch of insurance carriers. Here’s your complete guide to getting term life insurance quotes online without personal information.​

Client privacy and protection of your confidential information is undoubtedly the most important thing. Trusted services often ask you to enter limited and basic information to get an accurate quote, but don’t require you to divulge sensitive data like your Social Security Number, passport number, credit card numbers, license number, bank account numbers etc.

Pacific Insurance Group will ask you to answer some of the most simple questions to get an indication of your health and lifestyle.

These questions are :

  • Your state of residence
  • Your current health conditions by letting you choose between Preferred Plus (exceptional health), Preferred (excellent), Regular Plus     (above average), and Regular (average)
  • Are you a smoker and/or use tobacco?
  • Your gender
  • Your date of birth (if not wanting to put in your exact birth date, you can enter it any where between 6 months of it)
  • The type of policy and years of coverage you are interested in
  • Your desired coverage amount​

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