How To Make Your Kohl’s Credit Card Payment

Since, Kohl’s is renowned for its exciting shopping discount offers, gift coupons and high-end customer support services, huge customer base uses this card. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about accessing your Kohl’s Credit Card account online, how to make your Kohl’s Credit Card Payment, how to Pay Without Login and more options to pay.

How To Make Your Kohl’s Credit Card Payment Online

Perhaps the most convenient way to pay your Kohl’s credit card bill is to use the online portal. If you haven’t already registered for online account access, you’ll need to complete the online registration process and activate your account.

To Make Your Kohl’s Credit Card Payment Online, you need to register your account online at My Kohl’s Charge and be logged in to make your free online payments through the Kohl’s sign-in page. You can schedule daily payments for up to 180 days, or schedule payments to go out on the same day each month. Payments made online by 7 p.m. CST post the same day.

Follow the steps below to log in to your account;

How To Make Your Kohl's Credit Card Payment

Go to the official web portal by Clicking Here.
Clicking on that, a Sign In online form will be appearing.
Key in User Name and Password.
Finally, click on “login” button. Assuming that, the User Name and Password are correct, you will get an access of Kohls Charge Card login portal.

Once logged in, you can view your account summary, make payments, and update your profile information. You can also activate paperless statements and set up autopay to have your monthly statement automatically paid each month from a checking or savings account.

You can also pay your bill through an online bill-pay provider, including setting up autopay. Kohl’s recommends scheduling payments at least five business days before the due date because some companies send a physical check instead of submitting an electronic payment.

How To Make Your Kohl’s Credit Card Payment By Phone

To make your Kohl’s credit card payment By Phone please Call Kohl’s Customer Service at 855-564-5748 to pay a Kohl’s charge by phone or ask questions about your account. Kohl’s automated phone system allows you to make free payments 24 hours a day. Have your bank routing number and account number on hand, and make your payment by 7 p.m. CST for same-day posting to your account.

Phone associates can take debit or check-by-phone payments during business hours. Associates are available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m CST Monday through Saturday, and from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST on Sunday.

How To Make A Kohl’s Credit Card Payment By Mail

Kohl’s doesn’t accept cash payments by mail, but you can make a payment on your Kohl’s credit card bill by check or money order. Mail your payment to:

Kohl’s Payment Center
P.O. Box 2983
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

Residents of Ark., Ariz., Calif., Colo., Hawaii, Idaho, Mont., Nev., Okla., Ore., Texas, Utah, Wash. and Wyo. can send their payments to this Los Angeles address:

P.O. Box 30510
Los Angeles, CA 90030-0510

How to Make Payment at a Kohl’s Store

You may make a payment at the store using a check, cash, debit card or money order. They also accept payments using a Kohl’s Cares® card. Cash or check payments will free up more of your available credit the same day, if paid at a register. Sometimes Kohl’s will place a hold on a check payment to allow for enough time to pass to ensure that the payment is processed by your bank. Other payment types may not have the same, timely result. Payments are accepted until close of business for that store. Please retain your receipt for your records.

Please note: The payment may not appear on your statement until the following day, but will be back-dated to the day the payment was made.

Use the store locator to find a local Kohl’s store.

Mobile Site / Kohl’s App

Customers can download and install Kohls mobile app in to their smart phones. By linking your bank account with this app, you need not to carry Kohls Credit Card with you all the time. One can also use this mobile app to pay bills at checkouts in stores. Using barcode scanner in this app, customers can scan the code on the products they want to buy and can know about available discount offers on it. In addition, customers can also store discount codes, coupons and special gift codes in the app and can use it while making bill payment.

For additional assistance, contact Customer Service at (800) 564-5740.

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