How To Pair State Farm Beacon

Are you having difficulties pairing the state farm beacon? if yes then you don’t have to worry anymore, why? because you have come to the final solution all you have to do is to read this article titled “How To Pair State Farm Beacon” Lets get started.

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The Bluetooth beacon is a small device which allows for the collection of your driving data while in your car. It stays in your car and allows your phone and the Drive Safe & Save app to record trips in your car automatically – no logging into the app.

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How To Know If Your Bluetooth Beacon is Working

You can tell your Bluetooth beacon is working if the light illuminates when you hold down the button, and your trips appear within the app. If not, Call start Farm 24/7 at 888-559-1922 

How To Pair State Farm Beacon

Get started by sending “SAVE” to 78836. Proceed by downloading the app to your smartphone. If you haven’t yet, text “save” to 78836 for a link to download the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your smartphone, open the app and sign in. You have multiple options to sign in, including driver’s license information, or a user ID and password. Just choose the easiest option for you.

  • Once you receive your beacon in the mail
  • Take your smartphone and beacon to your car
  • Open the app, and tap “Complete Setup” for your car.
  • Press and hold down the power button on the beacon until it lights up.
  • In the app, tap the beacon ID that matches the one printed on the side of your beacon. When you receive the message in the app that the beacon has been paired
  • Use the sticker on the beacon to adhere it to your windshield behind the rearview mirror.

*To help them better record your trips, affix your beacon behind your rearview mirror. Ensure placement does not impair your visibility or your vehicle sensors, and complies with applicable laws.

The Bluetooth beacon is paired to the app, not your phone’s Bluetooth settings. If you have paired the beacon to your phone’s Bluetooth settings, please disconnect the Bluetooth beacon from your phone’s settings and pair it within the app. You can call State Farm 24/7 at 888-559-1922 for further assistance concerning How To Pair State Farm Beacon.

Finally, you simply enter your car’s exact odometer reading into the app. And you’re all set.

Earning your Drive Safe & Save discount is just as easy as the setup. Just make sure you keep your location and Bluetooth preferences enabled, so trips can automatically record.

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Frequently Asked Questions About State Farm Beacon

1: Why don’t I see one of my cars listed on the screen with cars within the app? You must be a named insured or additional driver on the auto insurance policy to see the car in the app when logged in.

Please note, if you have recently changed cars, there may be a processing delay before your new car displays. Contact your State Farm agent for car eligibility and listed driver questions.

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2: Do I need a new Bluetooth beacon if I replace my car? If you replace the car on your auto policy, simply move the Bluetooth beacon from your previous car to your new car.

If you left your beacon in your prior vehicle, please email them or call them at 888-559-1922 to order a replacement. Setup must be completed in the new vehicle to continue the discount.

Note: There may be a processing delay before your new car displays. Once you can see your new car in the app and your Bluetooth beacon ID is available to be selected in the setup process (typically 48 hours after your new car displays in the app), complete setup with your Bluetooth beacon in your new car.

3: Do I need a new Bluetooth beacon if I replace my phone? If you replace your phone, you may use the same Bluetooth beacon. Simply download the Drive Safe & Save app on your new phone and log in.

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  1. Jeffrey LaCroix says:

    I got a new Chevy Silverado 2022 and transfered my drive safe beacon from my Ford 2021. I’m recording trips just fine but the old truck is listed on drive safe not the Chevy Silverado. Am I supposed to do something or will it eventually update to the new truck

  2. Melissa Albany says:

    My son claims he left his phone in the car if his friend who was parked next to him at school) which has the drive safe app downloaded as directed with location settings as required, etc) he didn’t notice until his friend pulled off so my son followed the car with his phone in it and then proceeded home after retrieving the phone. However the trip that was recorded, recorded from school parking lot to the friend house and to home. Can this happen if his car was not in the vehicle for half the trip?

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