How To Set Up State Farm App | Drive Safe & Save Setup

You’re in control of your auto insurance discount with Drive Safe & Save. Get a discount just for signing up! Then at your next renewal, they’ll tailor your rate based on how you drive. Discover How To Set Up State Farm App to enjoy this discount.

How Drive Safe & Save works

• Record your driving habits using your smartphone, along with a free Bluetooth beacon they ship to you
• Review your trips on interactive maps featuring alerts for rapid acceleration, fast cornering and hard braking
• Get tips on how to improve your driving scores based on key driving characteristics
• Trips record automatically. No need to log in or manually start the app each time you drive. Learn More..

Why Should You Enroll In State Farm Drive Safe & Save?

Enrolling in Drive Safe & Save may help you get an auto insurance discount up to 30% based on how you drive. You get a discount just for enrolling! Each product option offers different safety and security features. Please talk to your State Farm agent or explore the details under the Drive Safe & Save Mobile and OnStar FAQs for more information.

Does Participating In Drive Safe & Save Guarantee You A Discount?

Drive Safe & Save is always a discount and does not surcharge your policy. The Drive Safe & Save discount is based on your annual mileage and, for Drive Safe & Save Mobile, basic driving characteristics.

Your discount may vary from term to term based on your actual driving, but it will always be a discount on your policy.

If you currently receive a premium reduction for low estimated annual mileage (under 7,500 miles annually for personal use) and your car is actually driven more than that, your premium may increase at a future policy renewal to reflect your actual mileage.

Please contact your State Farm agent if you have further questions or for more information. See this guide on How To Contact State Farm.

How To Know If Your Phone Is Eligible For Drive Safe & Save Mobile

Just text SAVE to 78836 to get a link to download the app in Google Play or the App Store. If you are able to download the app, your phone is compatible!

Ineligible phones will see a message saying the device is not compatible. Features required for participation include:

  • Phone
  • Network
  • Location/GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Accelerometer
  • Camera
  • Auto-focus
  • Flash
  • Gyroscope

How To Set Up State Farm App

Installation instructions for the app:
1. Download the Drive Safe & Save app.
2. Once downloaded, log in using your user ID and password.
3. They will ship you a Bluetooth beacon after you enroll. When it arrives in the mail, come back to the app and follow the “Complete Setup” instructions. That’s it!

A trip automatically begins when you start driving, so there is no need to manually start or repeat app login.
Tips: Do not use your phone while driving.

You’re on your way to a discount on your State Farm auto insurance premium.

In some cases, how you drive determines how much discount you may receive. Discounts may vary by state and coverages selected. A discount may not be available in California or North Carolina, depending on individual facts and circumstances. 

They use your account for Drive Safe & Save access. No account yet? No worries. You can create a user ID and password in the Drive Safe & Save app. The policy must be in the format of a first and last name. Businesses, trusts, DBA, etc. are not eligible at this time for a account.

How To Complete Drive Safe & Save Set Up

Make sure you have the Drive Safe & Save app downloaded (text SAVE to 78836 for a link to download).

Log in to the app using your driver’s license information or your user ID and password. You May want to see State Farm Insurance Login guidelines.

A Bluetooth beacon will arrive in the mail a few days after enrolling. When the envelope with your beacon(s) arrives, take it to the car and follow the easy setup steps in the app (while not driving, of course). This will include connecting your beacon(s) to the app and providing odometer readings.

If you find you need help along the way with setup, contact them 24/7 at 888-559-1922888-559-1922 or email them.

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  1. Captain Richard A. Campbell says:

    I have it. and it SUCKS.! It is NOT accurate, or even close.! It logs speed in area that the speed limit was increased (10 ) ten years ago.!! It’s an invasive p.o.s. and I’m taking it out of my truck.! BTW, I have NOT had an at fault accident or speeding ticket in over (15) fifteen years.! IT’S plain B.S. and I will NOT use it anymore..!!!

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