How To Sign Up For Intact my Driving Discount Program

Do you want to know How To Sign Up For Intact my Driving Discount Program? If yes this post got you covered. The my Drive program rewards your good driving habits. Available through Intact Insurance, my Drive is usage based insurance (UBI). It rewards safe driving behavior and gives you the opportunity to save up to 25%.

Why Should You Sign Up For Intact my Driving Discount Program?

The following are reasons why you might want to know How To Sign Up For Intact my Driving Discount Program:

Get immediate savings : You will get 10% off just for signing up.

Greater savings as you drive : Get a chance for a personal discount and save up to 25% more for being a good driver.

You’re in control : You can maintain or improve upon your savings every six months. All you have to do is drive safe. You pay a premium based on how you drive, not others. You have better control over your costs.

Convenience : Access the program, driving profile and data through the Intact app on your smartphone.

Simplicity : Simply install the app on your smartphone and let the technology do the work. The app will assess your driving behaviour using smart technology.

Safety : The program rewards your good driving behaviour.

It’s risk free : No matter how you drive, your premiums will not increase based on the data collected. You get significant savings from your good driving habits. Or you learn what habits need to be improved to achieve greater savings. In any event, you can’t lose!

What Do You Need To Use The my Drive App?

To use the my Drive app :

  • You must be the is principal operator of the vehicle.
  • Have a valid email address.
  • You must have an iPhone with iOS 10 or later, or an Android with version 5 or later, and a data plan.

The app only consumes about 3%-6% of your batter life per hour. It uses approximately 30 – 60 MB of data per month.

What Type of Smartphone do You Need Sign Up For Intact my Driving Discount Program?

You will need an iPhone running iOS 12 or higher, or an Android device running version 7.0 or higher. Depending on your type of smartphone, the performance of the my Drive program may vary as certain sensors behave differently in different devices.

How To Sign Up For Intact my Driving Discount Program

Signing Up For the my Drive program is quick and easy! Simply contact your broker, or for more information visit All drivers registered for my Drive under the same policy will receive a text message (SMS) with instructions to activate the program.

Once you activate your account, accept the Terms of Use, and give the Intact Insurance App access to certain features on your smartphone – you are ready to start driving!

Note: If there is more than one principal driver on the same policy enrolled in the my Drive program, the download link will be texted to the phone number provided for each principal driver.

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What Are The Benefits Of my Drive?

In addition to cost savings, there are many other benefits drivers can experience from using the my Drive app, including :

  • You can track your driving habits and data.
  • You can see your potential cost reductions.
  • It can help you pay less money when it comes time to renew your policy.
  • You have access to valuable tips.
  • It can help you be a safer driver and be more aware of your trends.

Many drivers are concerned that installing a UBI device and tracking their driving will actually cause their premiums to increase. This is not true. Once you install the device, your potential savings are in your hands.

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