How To Solve Green Dot Card Not Working Online

Is your Green Dot Card Not Working Online? If yes, then it is enough reason to get you worried but however, you have come to the right place to get your Green Dot Card Working Online again for you.

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Having your Green Dot Card Not Working Online can be disconcerting and frustrating. And if your card is rejected while you’re trying to make an online transaction, it can be difficult to understand why it is happening or what to do.

Many of the reasons a credit card might be denied in person are generally the same as why a transaction might not go through online — and most can be resolved by calling your credit card issuer.

Possible Reasons For Green Dot Card Not Working Online

Here are possible reasons behind your Green Dot Card Not Working Online, what to do if you find yourself in such a situation and how to prevent some rejections from happening in the first place.

Why did my Green Dot card get declined? Transactions can be declined for several reasons:

Tips to Fix Green Dot Card Not Working Online

  • Check the entered card information- the number, expiry date, and CVV should be correct.
  • Make sure you’re using the right card type- using a debit card on a credit card terminal or a domestic Rupay card for international payment won’t work.
  • Check if your bank’s servers are facing issues or are under maintenance.
  • Did you block your card? Check if it’s blocked or deactivated.
  • All cards come with an expiry date, after which the card issuer usually sends you a replacement card with a new expiry date. Check if your card is expired.
  • If you don’t have enough funds in your account (for debit cards) or a credit limit on your credit card, banks will decline the transaction. They may also charge you a fee in this case.

Troubleshooting Method To Green Dot Card Not Working Online

1: Browser Support:

Before you download a new browser, please make sure that your operating system and the new browser meet the Green Dot Technical requirements.

Which browser settings do you need to use Wells Fargo Online? In order to sign on to Green Dot Card Online , your browser must have JavaScript and cookies enabled.

Java can be enabled on the following platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X.

Chrome: If you have problems accessing Java applications using Chrome, Oracle recommends using Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac OS X) instead.

If you are using Internet Explorer, we also suggest that you set your privacy setting to Medium High or High. Select Tools in the browser toolbar, then Internet Options, then the Privacy tab. Under Pop Up Blocker, you will see Settings. Select it, and choose your Blocking Level at the bottom.

Why do you need to upgrade your browser? For security reasons, browsers occasionally “expire” their ability to perform sensitive transactions such as Internet banking. In order to maintain their high degree of customer security, Green Dot does not allow you to access your accounts online using an expired browser.

How do you set your browser to accept cookies? Cookies are pieces of data given to the browser on your computer. This piece of data is sent back to the server each time you access a new page.

The purpose of enabling cookies is to help websites identify returning users and provide them with customized pages. You will not be able to access any secured pages if you set your privacy setting to Block All Cookies.

2: Pop-up window support

What is a pop-up window? Pop-up windows are small web browser windows with information or can be ads that appear over or under the web page you are currently viewing. They are frequently used for advertising and open automatically whether or not you want to see them.

Occasionally, a new browser window may open when you click on a link on our site. These user-initiated pop-up windows only open after you request them by clicking on a link. If you click on a link that does not work, the reason may be that you are blocking pop-up windows that you have requested to access.

How does a pop-up blocker work? Your pop-up blocker prevents pop-up windows from opening, depending on the pop-up blocker settings you have chosen. For Windows 10 users using Internet Explorer, setting the pop-up blocker to High will usually block all pop-ups (both automatic and user-initiated), while setting pop-up blocker to Low will allow all pop-ups to display. We recommend that you choose the default Medium setting.

How To Solve Green Dot Card Not Working Online

Some times your Green Dot Card may Not Work Online even when you have enough​ money in your account and this happens when if the address you provided to the merchant might be different than the address on file for your card. See How to Check Green Dot Card Balance now

Visit and click on Support, Account Settings, Edit Contact Info or click here. You can also log in to your account using the Green Dot app and click Settings, Personal Information.

If you’re still having trouble after confirming your card is activated and has available funds, login into the Green Dot app and click on Settings, Get Help or click the Get Help chat button at the bottom of the page on

See How To Speak to a Live Person at Green Dot concerning your card not working online

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