How To Turn Off Geico Drive Easy

If you are looking for How To Turn Off Geico Drive Easy then you are at the right place to learn everything you need to know. Although it is designed to help you become a safer driver. Most customers will earn a discount based on their safe driving habits, however riskier drivers may see a higher rate – depending on the state you live in.

As a reminder, by participating in the DriveEasy Program you and your drivers agree to actively participate. If all drivers on the policy do not actively participate, GEICO has the right to remove the policy from the DriveEasy Program which will remove the participation discount.

Why You May Not Want To Turn Off Geico Drive Easy

One benefit of telematics programs like Geico’s DriveEasy is that they can help you become a better driver by showing you when and where you are making risky driving decisions. If you have a young driver on your policy, signing them up can help them to learn good driving habits. Then if you are already with them it will be nice to stick with them.

If you are a safe driver or want to become one, the DriveEasy app may be a good option for you. By collecting data on your driving habits, it can highlight areas where you might need improvement and allow you to track your driving skills over time to see progress.

Why You May Want To Turn Off Geico Drive Easy

DriveEasy might not be a great choice for you if you don’t drive very much or if you suspect that your driving skills may score poorly with the app. According to the company, you may see an increase in your premium if you are consistently engaging in risky driving behavior.

But Why Did GEICO Create The DriveEasy Program?

How To Turn Off Geico Drive Easy

To unenroll, please contact Geico at 800-841-3000. One of their counselors will assist you with unenrolling and advise you on next steps. You should be aware that if you unenroll after you have developed a telematics driving score, that score may still be applied to your policy.

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