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ICICI Lombard Car Policy Renewal – How To Renew Your ICICI Lombard Policy

Car insurance from ICICI Lombard protects Indian car owners from unforeseen expenses as a result of a stolen or damaged vehicle. ICICI Lombard Car Policy Renewal process is easy and understandable, We published this post to enable you discover everything you need to know about ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Company, the full scope of the car insurance cover from ICICI Lombard…Continue reading below.

When an insured vehicle is stolen or suffers any form of damage, the company will pay the policyholder a sum that covers any expenses made.

The full scope of the car insurance cover from ICICI Lombard includes:

  • Coverage for loss or damage to an insured vehicle
  • Coverage for personal accident
  • Add-on covers
  • Coverage for third-party liability
  • Coverage for man-made and natural disasters.

They also offer two-wheeler insurance for persons who own vehicles with two-wheels.

The two-wheeler insurance cover offers comprehensive protection for two-wheel vehicles in the case of accidental damage or theft.

It also offers third-party liability coverage as a result of property damage, injury, or theft.

ICICI Lombard Car Policy Renewal

How To Renew Your ICICI Lombard Policy: The ICICI Lombard car insurance renewal process is fast, easy, and online. You can renew your car insurance by simply visiting

There you will be asked to provide details which would be used to retrieve your policy. You can either provide your phone number, registration number, or policy number.

ICICI Lombard Car Insurance – FAQs

1: Do I need to ensure my Car? Insurance helps you to cope with the losses like accident, theft, fire or a like incident happened to your car subject to the events covered by the policy. It also assures that you and your passengers will be taken care of against bodily injuries if any.

2: Can I purchase ICICI Lombard Car Insurance policy online? Yes, you can purchase ICICI Lombard car insurance online and make the payment through your Debit or Credit card, or Internet Banking.

3: Can I renew my existing ICICI Lombard car insurance online? Yes, ICICI Lombard allows you to renew your existing car insurance policy online 60 days prior to its expiration date. In case the policy has expired already, an inspection of the vehicle would be done by an authorized surveyor of the insurance company. A successful inspection along with the submission of required documents would lead to the issuance of the new policy.

4: Can I renew my other car insurance policy with ICICI Lombard? Yes, you can renew your existing car insurance policy with ICICI Lombard and make the payment via a Debit/Credit card, or Internet Banking.

5: What type of vehicles does ICICI Lombard insure? ICICI Lombard offers insurance coverage to private cars and two-wheelers.

6: How many times can I avail roadside assistance during the policy period? This add-on permits roadside assistance at most 4 times during the policy period. Only the services opted for at the time of purchasing the policy can be claimed.

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