Independent Bank Login | How To Access Your Account

Independent Bank allows you to take control of your finances with their online banking system which you can use anytime from the comfort of your computer, at home or in your office. This guide is to help you find and use your Independent Bank Login, reset your password, enroll and know online services provided by the bank.

Independent Bank

Independent Bank is a bank headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The bank has 82 branches, all of which are in rural and suburban Michigan.

Independent Bank Login From A Computer

To sign in, you must be a holder of existing online account at Independent Bank. The steps here assist you login into account using your PC:

  1. On PC browser, please enter or click to open Independent Bank’s website
  2. In the homepage, click the shown drop down box then select Online Banking
  3. Please enter your username, then Continue
  4. Enter your password, then click Sign In

After you are authorized, continue with your online banking transactions.

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How To Retrieve Your Forgotten Independent Bank Login ID

Having difficulties remembering your password or login ID? Please feel free to contact the bank on phone for help at 1-800-355-0641

How To Enroll

In order for you to be eligible to enroll, you must be an account holder at Independent Bank. To enroll follow these steps:

  • Follow the first two steps in the login section above
  • Click the Sign up link
  • Select account type and accept the bank’s online banking terms, then click Continue
  • Fill in the information needed in the Online Banking Enrollment form, then click Continue
  • Once you successfully finish the enrollment process, you will have an active online account.

What Are the Benefits of Online Banking?

Many consumers love the flexibility and convenience of online banking. The 24/7 access to accounts and services is ideal, especially with features like online bill payment, requesting a new card or any other bank transaction without the inconvenience of driving to a physical branch to do so.


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