Minto Money Login: How To Manage Borrower Account Online

Minto Money makes the loan process simple for those who need it. They help people get quick loans through their easy and convenient loan process, so you don’t have to fret over it anymore. However, the Minto Money Login portal allows you to access manage your loan account online. You can make a payment, set up autopay, check your loan balance and more.

Therefore, read our downloadable guide carefully and completely. It contains important information that should answer most of your questions about managing your Minto Money personal loan account online. Keep in mind, though, that like this website, it only gives general information. It is not the law. It is not a regulation. It is not legal advice.

What You Need to Know About a Minto Money Personal Loan

Minto Money is a tribal lending company offering installment loans up to $3,000. These are short-term loans designed to help people who need cash fast but who want at least some time to pay off what they borrow. Minto was originally created to support the Native Village of Minto, which is a recognized Native American Indian tribe in Alaska.

The one advantage of Minto Money’s installment loans over traditional payday loans is that these loans come with longer repayment periods. This makes it easier for most borrowers to make on-time monthly payments until the loan is paid in full. The downside is that longer terms also mean more interest on the loan.

Like many other short-term, online lenders, Minto Money has a disclaimer on their website that installment loans are meant as a short-term solution rather than a long-term one.

Minto Money Login Steps

Minto Money’s online account tools make managing your borrower account a breeze. You can access your account online anytime to review recent activity, make a payment, update account info and many more. However, if you already have an online account then follow the steps below to log in to your account to make a payment.

Minto Money Login: How To Manage Borrower Account Online

Step 1: Go to Minto Money: Go to the official website of Minto money login at and click member login button to go to the login page.

Step 2: Enter your information account: Enter your Email address, and password (The Last 4 of SSN is only applicable for your initial login to establish your password.) to log in.

Minto Money Payment Frequently Asked Questions

1: How do I make a payment before the due date? If you wish to make a payment before your due date then contact Minto Money customer care team at least two days before your next payment.

 2: What if I want to pay off my loan early? At Minto Money, you can pay off your loan at any time without penalty. To make a payment please contact Minto Money customer care team so they can process the payoff.

 3: What if I can’t make my loan payment on the due date? At Minto Money, they understand that life happens. If you are unable to make the payment on your payment date, then contact their customer care team and we will work with you to find a solution.

 4: How do I make payments on my loan? To make a payment for your installment loan you can either A)
Make A Payment online. B) Transfer debit from your checking account into the loans account. C) Contact their customer care team at least two business days prior to your payment date. E) They also accept payments by money order or cashier’s check.

Minto Money Contact Information

Contact Customer Care
(844) 446-4686
They available Monday through Friday 7AM to 7PM and Saturday 8AM to 4:30PM Central Standard Time.

Mailing Address
Minto Money
PO BOX 58112
Minto, AK 99758

Minto Financial Tribal Hotline
If you have already contacted their customer care team in an attempt to resolve an issue or concern and still need additional assistance, please contact the Minto Financial Tribal Hotline at (855) 786-7726 from 10AM to 7:30PM Central Standard Time.

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