My Westmed Patient Portal – How To Access Your Account

My Westmed is a patient portal that offers 24-hour access for Westmed patients. The My Westmed patient portal is designed to make it easier for patients to manage their day to day healthcare needs and access their health information securely anytime, anywhere – it’s best-in-class care at your fingertips.

The previous Patient Portal account has now been reactivated to provide you with read-only access to your medical history, lab results, messages and much more. By accessing this account, you are able to view and download important medical history and health information that was updated through November 16, 2021. Patients are only able to access this read-only view if they already had an established portal account.

Everything You Need To Know about My Westmed and its Features

My Westmed is a free, password protected patient portal that offers 24-hour access for Westmed patients. The My Westmed patient portal gives you access to your personal health records, lab results, medication, diagnoses lists, bill payment, direct communication with physicians through secure emails.

Through the portal, you can convenient manage non-emergency healthcare, schedule bill payment or request updates to personal and insurance information, manage appointments. Read below to find out more about some of the features or new portal has to offer below.


Patients can send their providers secure messages through the new My Westmed Patient Portal. Please keep in mind that secure messages/non urgent messages are typically responded to within 48 hours. For help with messaging, follow these easy steps:

  1. After logging in to your patient portal account, scroll down to the Messages section of the home page.
  2. If the message fields (Provider, Subject, etc.) do not appear, click Send a message to display them.
  3. Provider: Select the provider to whom you are sending the message. The list includes providers that you’ve seen in the recent past.
  4. Office location: Select the Westmed office location for the provider you selected.
  5. Subject: Select the subject of the message from the list, for example Medical Question”
  6. Message: Enter a detailed message (up to 1000 characters).
  7. If you want to send the provider a file attachment:
    • Click Attach files.
    • Select the appropriate file from your browser or photo library. Note: You can attach up to 10 files (PDF, JPEG, JPG, or PNG) per message with a maximum file size of 10 MB each. Video files are not supported.
    • To send more than one file, click Attach files again. You can attach as many as 10 files. Important: To attach a file to a message you are sending a provider, you must create the message from the portal home page. You can create and send a message without an attachment from the Messages page (access the Messages page by clicking the Messages icon at the top of the home page.
  8. Click Send message. Important: DO NOT send any credit card information through the patient portal. Credit card information includes images of credit cards and credit card data entered as text.

Family Access

Family Access enables parents, legal guardians and caregivers access to the patient’s medical records and access to communicate with the patient’s providers.

  • Parents looking to sign up children under the age of 13 for a portal account under their name can enable Family Access through settings.
  • Select “Family access settings” in the menu and click “Add patient” and enter your child’s name and date of birth. DO NOT enter your email address in this field. If your child does not have his/own email address, simply select “no email” in this field.

Important: Entering your personal email address may greatly impact your ability to register for your own portal account, as each portal account needs to be assigned to a unique email address. You cannot register for more than one portal account using the same email address.

For children over the age of 14, you can register them for their own portal account and grant family access to view results through the “Family Access” settings section.

Health History

Although some of your previous medical history information may not be visible to you in the My Westmed Patient Portal, you can easily request a consolidated summary of your health record sent to you instantly via email when you log in and visit the “My Health > Health Records” section of the portal. You can access this consolidated view of your medical records, login to your portal from a web browser on a desktop and click “My Health.”

My Westmed Login

The My Westmed login portal is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for patients. Westmed Group is using Athena health to help you access your health information for different doctors’ offices with just one email and password. If you haven’t registered for Westmed’s new Patient Portal, you can do so by clicking “sign up” to register for the new portal with your email address and a new password.

My Westmed

Step 1: Go to the My Westmed Login page and click on “Log in with Athena health”

Step 2: Fill in the username and password fields on the page with their respective credentials. After signing in, click on “Manage Your Health Record” to access all of your information available through myWestmed.

Forgot Password? To begin password reset, click the “Forgot password?” link at the bottom of your screen and enter the email address you normally use to log in. You’ll be sent a link at that email address that you can use to reset your password.

Download My Westmed Patient App

My Westmed Patient App makes managing your health easier than ever. You can sign up or use your existing My Westmed account to manage your health information and communicate securely with your doctor on your mobile devices.

Experience new and efficient ways to message each other about prescription refills, online lab results, and questions that arise about your health. The My Westmed patient portal app makes managing your health easier than ever. Learn more.

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