Nationwide Mortgage Login: How To Make Your Mortgage Payment

If you have Nationwide Mortgage account and want to know how to find and use your Nationwide Mortgage Login to manage your Nationwide Mortgage online account or make a Nationwide Mortgage payment, this article got you covered.

When you choose a mortgage from Nationwide, you become part of a Society that’s 15 million members strong.

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Why Does Mortgages Matter to Nationwide?

Homes matter. When people have a home they can call their own, they can put down roots, look out for their neighbours, raise families and build stronger, kinder communities. Which is why their first members came together over 130 years ago with the idea of pooling their money and helping each other buy homes of their own.

Today, the world has become more complicated, but we stay true to this purpose. It’s who they are and what we do. They are millions of members strong, still helping each other buy and stay in homes of their own, and still giving back to their communities.

Nationwide Mortgage Login Steps

If you’re registered for the Nationwide Internet Bank or Nationwide Banking app, you can log in and view your mortgage details and make amends. All in your own time and at your own pace.

If you don’t currently bank online, you’ll need to register for the Internet Bank or download their Banking app.

Register for Internet Bank

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What You Can View Online

You can access useful information about your mortgage, such as:

  • statements
  • monthly payments
  • total overpayments
  • interest added
  • interest rate history
  • repayment type
  • how much you owe
  • redemption date (The date your mortgage ends).

How To Make Your Mortgage Payment

They set up a Direct Debit when you take a mortgage out with them. However, you can also pay by, standing order, also known as a regular payment, a single payment, cheque or cash.

You can make a single payment or set up a standing order using:

  • the Nationwide Banking app
  • the Nationwide Internet Bank
  • going into a Nationwide branch
  • paying from another bank or building society.

How To Pay Using The Nationwide Banking App

To pay your arrears using their Banking app:

  • log in to the Banking app
  • choose the current account that you want to make the payment from
  • choose Pay or move money from the navigation at the bottom of the screen
  • choose one of your Nationwide accounts from the list of options
  • choose the Nationwide mortgage account from the accounts list that you want to make the payment to
  • enter the payment amount
  • choose the next button
  • if you want to set up a standing order then choose yes or if you want to make a single payment leave the selection as no
  • choose I confirm that the details above are correct
  • choose make transfer.

If you do not have the app, you can download our Banking app in the App store.

How To Pay By The Internet Bank

To pay your arrears using the Internet Bank:

  • log in to the Internet Bank
  • choose the Nationwide mortgage account you want to make the payment to
  • enter the payment amount
  • choose the continue button, then confirm
  • enter the amount you want to pay.

Log into the Internet Bank

How To Pay At Nationwide branch

You can make payments to your mortgage by cash or cheque at any one of their branches. Please make your cheque payable to:

  • Nationwide, followed by, your name – for example, Nationwide – John Smith. Please remember to include your mortgage account number on the back of the cheque.

How To Pay Your Mortgage from another Bank or Building Society

Please supply the bank or building society with the following details:

  • Sort code is 070094
  • Account number is 44444445 (This is the account number we use for all mortgage payments)
  • The Reference Number, which is your mortgage account number.

Transfers can take typically three to five working days to show on your mortgage account.

Make overpayments Online

If you can afford to, overpayments are a great way for you to save money over the term of your mortgage. You can decide to pay off a lump sum, pay off a bit extra each month or do both.

To find out how to set up, amend or cancel an overpayment, please visit their overpayments page.

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