NTB Credit Card Login | How To Make A NTB Credit Card Payment

National Tire & Battery (NTB) is one of the leading and most popular Tire or Battery servicers and sellers. Across the U.S. country, they assist numerous drivers to maintain their cars working and healthy on the road. Make use of the all-new NTB Credit card to assist your vehicle in shape and also enhance your power purchasing with financing and saving. First of all, you need to access the NTB Credit Card login page to control or manage your online account. The first offer from the financing will provide with 0% APR rate on your entire purchases above $750.

NTB Credit Card Features

You can access the NTB Credit card login page to access the following features:

  • Cardholders can utilize the low-interest rates from easy financing option
  • Only for eligible purchases, you can get special financing conditions for 6 months
  • Cardholders can make use of the convenient monthly payment options
  • It is not applicable to pay the Cash Advance fee
  • Normal APR Rate for purchases is set at 24
  • No charge to process the Initial APR rate
  • There is no charge for this credit card utilization

NTD Card – Eligibility Criteria

  • There should not be any bankrupt report for the applicants
  • User should provide the valid SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Only resident from the United States are applicable to utilize this credit card

NTB Credit Card – How to Apply

You can follow the below process to apply for receiving the NTB (National Tire & Battery) Credit card:

  • Open up a web browser and access the NTB Credit Card official website
  • On the existing page, you can press the “Apply Now” icon that is available near the page center screen
  • It will redirect to the application form web page to fill your personal information
  • Input your Surname, Name, Date of birth, Identification, Financial information, contact number, and a valid email address
  • Ensure that the details are accurate for opening a new online account
  • Confirm that the hardware & software are compatible to process with the above requirements
  • Then accept the NTB Terms & Conditions
  • Finally, tap the option “Send Request”

NTB Credit Card Login Process

In order to manage your NTB Credit Card online, you have to login into your account first. You have to enter a valid username and password to login. Once you login into your account, you will be able to make payments, check your credit card activities, and do many more things. Follow these simple steps to login into your NTB Credit Card account:

  1. Go to Citibank’s official website: See this Citibank Online Login: How To Login, Manage Your Bank Account
  2. On the left-hand side, you will find a dialog box where you have to enter a valid username and password
  3. Once you enter a valid username and password, you have to click the “Sign On” button”

Now you can access your NTB Credit Card’s online account.

*Note: Your internet browser may ask to save the username and password. That is completely optional. It depends on you whether you want to save your password or not.

How To Retrieve Your NTB Credit Card Login Details

In order to access your NTB Credit Card’s online account, you will need a valid username and password. Without a valid username and password, you won’t be able to login into your account. In case you forgot your password, you have to go through a password recovery process and reset it. Follow these simple steps to reset your password:

  • Go to Citibank’s official website:
  • On the left-hand side under the “Sign On” button you will find a link named “Reset Password”
  • Once you click on that link you will be redirected to a different page
  • In case you have your NTB credit card, you have to enter your Card Number, Name as it Appears on Your Card, Security Code, and Last 4 Digits of the Primary Cardholder’s SSN. Or if you don’t have your card, you have to enter your Name as it Appears on Your Card, the Last 4 Digits of the Primary Cardholder’s SSN, and phone number
  • Once you enter all the details click on the “Verify” button to reset your password

How to Pay NTB Credit Card?

You will have these options to pay your NTB Credit Card’s payment:

  • Online Payment
  • Phone Payment
  • Customer Service Number for Payment
  • Mail Payment

NTB Credit Card Payment Online:

Follow these steps to pay your NTB Credit Card online:

Step1: Visit Comenity’s official website:

Step2: Login to your account by putting a valid username and password

Step3: Go to the Make Payment option

Step4: Now put your payment details including the amount you wish to pay

Step5: Review the payment details and click the continue button

NTB Credit Card Payment by Phone:

You can make payments through NTB’s Mobile apps available on both Android and IOS.

NTB Credit Card Customer Service Number For Payment:

You can pay your NTB Credit Card payment via phone call as well. Just call the Customer Service Number for Payment and follow the instructions of the customer support executive: 1-888-867-5658

NTB Credit Card Payment By Mail:

You can mail in your payment as well. Just send your Cheque or Money Order to the NTB Credit Card’s mailing address:

NTB Credit Card Payments

P.O. Box 9001006

Louisville KY 40290-1006

How To Contact NBT Credit Card Customer Service

Do you need more Help? If you have questions or need additional assistance, drop a comment below or call  Credit Card Customer Service (888) 867-5658 Monday – Friday 9 AM – 8 PM.

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