Plaza Home Mortgage Login: How To Pay Your Mortgage Online

Plaza Home Mortgage is a company providing Wholesale Lending, Correspondent Lending, Mini Correspondent, and Reverse Mortgages. If you are their customer and looking for how to find and use your Plaza Home Mortgage Login then you are in the right place.

Plaza Home Mortgage Login Steps

Logging in is the most essential thing you need to know if you are talking about online transactions. Logging in is very easy; all you need to do is enter all the correct details. So, if you want to know how to log in, then follow the following steps:

Go to

Please enter your Client ID and Password to continue.

Note: The login area of their website is restricted to companies and individuals who are approved and have been issued user login information by Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.

These services are not intended for public use. Please contact your nearest Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc. office for more information.

How to Make Your Plaza Home Mortgage Payment

Plaza Home Mortgage sends all loans to the investor service center or their service center. They hire a servicer who plays the role of collecting or mortgaging payment.  If you’d like to make your mortgage payment, you can check out your servicer’s name. You will find it on the monthly mortgage statement you receive. Other than that, you will get it by contacting Plaza directly through their line at 888.807.2620.

Some companies service Plaza loans. These are;

If you are not aware of the company responsible for servicing your loan, You should contact Plaza Home Mortgage at 888.807.2620 for clarification.

How To Make Plaza Home Mortgage Payments if Your Servicer is Dovenmuehle Mortgage

Suppose your servicer is Dovenmuehle Mortgage, then you should follow the following steps to make your mortgage payments.

Register Your Online Account to Pay Your Plaza Mortgage Online

  • At the top right corner of the website, click on the “Borrowers” button.
  • The link will redirect you to, which is the Your loan Servicing Center online.
  • Click on the Registration link provided under the login box
  • When on the registration page, key in your loan number, SSN/TIN, and zip code.
  • Verify your Identity in the reCAPTCHA section, then click “Next.”
  • Key your User ID and your preferred password (Choose one that you can remember easily)
  • Complete your registration.

If you find yourself trapped in between the registration process, do not hesitate to contact a customer service unit representative at Dovenmuehle. You can reach one using their service line +01-800-669-4268.

Sign In to Your Account to Pay for Your Plaza Home Mortgage

  • Click on the “Borrowers” button on the top right corner of the website.
  • Key in your preferred username and an easy-to-remember password upon arriving on Your Loan Servicing Center in the account login
  • Click on Login.

Once in the dashboard, you can begin paying your Plaza Home Mortgage bill online without emptying your pockets.

Other Payment Options

There are other payment options you can try if the online method is not convenient for you. These include;

By Phone

If you’d like to make a mortgage payment using the telephone method, or maybe you want to get more information on no-cost payment options, you can contact the company using the phone number 1-800-669-42-68.

You will be required to pay $9.50 when applying through the automated system in case permitted according to the law. When seeking help from a customer service representative, you may have to pay a fee of $11.50.

By Mail

If you intend to make mail payments, you can mail your payment to;

DovenMuehle Mortgage, inc.

1 Corporate Dr. St 360

Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Payment by mail is free.

How To Make Plaza Home Mortgage Payments if Your Servicer is PHH Mortgage

  • Suppose your loan servicer is PHH Mortgage; Follow the steps below;
  • Visit the PHH Mortgage Website and press the “Mortgage Centre Login” button. You will be able to see the button on the upper right of your screen.
  • Once you are on the PHH Mortgage Servicing page, press the “Register Now” button you will see at the center of your screen.
  • The button will take you to the PHH Mortgage Questions login screen. Click on the “Register your Account” link positioned below the login box.
  • Fill in your last name, Social Security Number (SSN), and zip code; Ensure you have given the correct information/ Once done, click “Next” to proceed.
  • Create your preferred username and password. Provide any other requested information during the process.

Sign in to Your Account to Make Plaza Home Mortgage Payments Online

  • Visit the PHH Mortgage Servicing page and look for the “Register Now” button. But since you are already a registered user, look for a line with the title “Already set up your new username and password?” you will find it below the “Register Now” button. Click the “Sign in” link.
  • Once you are on the account login screen, provide your login details; Your username, and password.
  • Checkmark the empty box beside the agreement statement, “I agree to the user terms and privacy policy.”
  • Click on the “LogIn” button.
  • Once you have logged in, proceed to the mortgage payment section.
  • Key in the total amount you are paying and the payment date
  • Provide the banking information for the account the money is deducted from.
  • Confirm whether you’ve provided the correct information, submit your payment, then verify your transaction.

If the monthly mortgage payment process is quite a task for you, you still have a way out. The solution is AutoPay. This method ensures that your payment bank account withdraws the amount automatically every month. Only ensure that the money is present at the time of disbursement.

Use PHH Mortgage Mobile App to Pay Plaza Home Loan

Since you may like doing everything at your comfort, the PHH mobile app can be a brilliant solution for you. With the app, you can make your payments.

The only process required here is signing up for AutoPay. Below are links to the apps;

Other Payment Options

There are other options you can explore via phone if you are not able to use the app. These include;

Via Phone

You can call using the number 1-877-729-3273 if you’d like to make your mortgage payment via phone. Your only task is ensuring you have your loan number and other essential details with you for the transaction to be successful.

Via Mail

You can make your mortgage payment through the mail. Use the following address;

Mortgage Accounts

PHH Mortgage Services

P.O. Box 94087

Palatine, IL 60094-4087

HELOC Accounts

PHH Mortgage Services

P.O. Box 0055

Palatine, IL 60055-0055

Plaza Home Mortgage FAQs

1: When making payments, should I do it online or through an ACH transfer? Plaza Home Mortgage suggests that you make your first two payments via check or money order. Because they may have to transfer the loan servicing after closing, your servicer will provide you with details regarding other payment options once that is done.

2: What should I do when I receive a Notice of Loan Servicing Transfer? A Transfer sale of Loan Notice tells you that your loan is transferred to a new servicer. Go through it carefully since it provides, among other things, instructions on making payment to the new servicer, where to mail payments, their customer service hours, toll-free number, and mailing address.

3: I already paid Plaza, but I just received a transfer notice stating that I should have paid a new servicer. What will become of my payment? Plaza reviews the payment to determine the correct destination. If the amount is due to the new servicer, Plaza forwards the payment through overnight mail.

4: I already paid Plaza, and you had to forward it to a new servicer. What happens if you are late? Your payment is not considered as late payment if Plaza forwards it to the new servicer.

5: How do I obtain a loan payoff statement? You have to submit a written request to your servicer.

6: When should I expect to receive my Year-End Tax Forms? You will be able to receive your 1098 interest tax forms via mail not later than January 31st.

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