Pointclickcare Login: How To Access Pointclickcare

Pointclickcare abbreviated as POC PointClickCare is the #1 cloud-based healthcare software provider helping long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers, having a PointClickCare account is very convenient for most people. However, the Pointclickcare Login portal allows you to log in the Pointclickcare page.

This article will show you how to login into Pointclickcare. Plus, we will also guide you how to register a new PointClickCare account, recover your password and answers to frequently asked questions. Keep reading for more information.

How To Create a New Security User

Security Users are accounts you create for anyone requiring access to your database. The Security User provides access for the user to log in to the application and the role(s) assigned provide the appropriate access in the application for users to perform the tasks related to their role(s) within the organization.

Note: To create security users, you must have the Admin Security Role (system) or a custom role with equivalent security access.

To create the new user

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Single community: Admin > Setup > Security Users.
    • Single community: Admin > Manage Users.
    • Multi-community: Management Console > Standards > Financial Management > Security Users.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the fields as required.
  4. Click Save & Next to assign the role(s) to the user

To assign role(s) to the user

  1. Select the Roles.
  2. Click Save.

After you create the user, you:

  • Are directed to assign roles and collection groups. You can assign roles and collections groups immediately or later.
  • Have options in the user list to:
    • Provide access to facilities.
    • Disable the user. After you disable a user, some options are no longer available, and the option enable appears.
    • Reset the user’s password by clicking pwd.
    • Set up a new Physical ID and Digipass Serial # for secondary authentication by clicking 2nd-factor.
    • Can activate Emergency Access. For more information, see Activating and Deactivating Emergency Access.

Pointclickcare Login Steps

To access PointClickCare, you must login using Pointclickcare secure login process. Logging in to PointClickCare is quick and easy and can be accessed with the following supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla-Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Pointclickcare login Procedure.

Pointclickcare Login
  1. Open your internet browser.
  2. Enter this web address: login.pointclickcare.com
  3. In the Username field of the login page, type your org prefix, a period, and your username without spaces. For example: edu.amyp.
  4. To ensure that the org prefix is already filled in every time you open the page, select Remember my org prefix below the Password field.
  5. In the Password field, type your password. Passwords are case dependent. password1 is not the same password as Password1.
  6. Click Login. The PointClickCare home page appears.

Pointclickcare Login Hints and Tips

  • Click Bookmark this Login Page to read instructions on how to Bookmark the page or save it to Favorites.
  • Click Login Trouble? to read troubleshooting tips on login issues and error messages.
  • After exceeding the maximum number of unsuccessful attempts configured, your login may be disabled for security reasons and is reactivated automatically in 5 minutes.
  • Business Rules
  • PointClickCare does not reset passwords for users. Contact your System Administrator to reset your password

How To Access to Other Modules Within PointClickCare

Access to modules within PointClickCare can only be changed by a user with Admin security rights.

  • Navigate to Admin > Setup > Security.
  • Click on the Security Users link.
  • In the Setup Facility User Security page click on the roles link next to a users name.
  • Select Roles to assign to the user to allow further access to other modules in PointClickCare.
  • Click Save.

How To Change my PointClickCare Password

You can update your own password from within PointClickCare if you have the proper security access granted by your organization’s security administrator.

Remember, PointClickCare does not set or reset passwords. If you have a question about your password, contact your system administrator. If you cannot login to PointClickCare from your personal device or from a computer outside your facility or community, also contact your system administrator.


  1. In the upper right corner of the PointClickCare page, click your name and a list appears. Click Edit Profile
  2. In the My Profile Settings pop-up, click Change Password.
  3. In the Password Change pop-up, type your Old Password and then your New Password twice.
    • The fields for Alternate Password/PIN re-set an alternative password/PIN set to attest items in the PointClickCare application.
    • If your Security Administrator setup up password rules, you are prompted to follow them.
    • Your Security Administrator can decide on the frequency of required password updates. If this is set up, you are required to change your password on login.
  4. Click Save.

In the My Profile Settings pop-up, you can make any other changes to the information, and then click Save.

How To Determine When a User Accessed PointClickCare

Review user login activity: The Login History report is available in the Admin Setup that lists user activity based on their login. You can use this report to review user login activity.

  • Navigate to Admin>Setup>Security Users and click on the Login History button.
  • To track user history within a specified date range, select a Start Date and End Date within the calendar icons.
  • To track time for a specific user, select their Login name from the drop down menu.
  • Sort the report information by Login Name or Login Time from the options in the drop down menu.
  • To include failed logins, select this option.
  • To include only current sessions, select this option.
  • Click the Run Report button.

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