What Are The Pros And Cons Of Drive Safe And Save?

Tracking driving behavior might sound complicated, you’ll be relieved to know that State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program is refreshingly simple. What about your privacy? doesn’t it matter to you? Well, everything that have advantages also have disadvantages, to safe your precious time lets us quickly look into the Pros And Cons Of Drive Safe And Save.

You may also want to know how the State Farm Drive Safe And Save Works.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Drive Safe And Save

The pros and cons of State Farm Drive Safe And Save are its advantages and disadvantages, which you consider carefully so that you can make a sensible decision. They sat for hours debating the pros and cons of setting up their own firm.

Pros Of Drive Safe And Save

1: Savings. For drivers who play by the rules, the State Farm Drive Safe And Save driver monitoring telematics program could significant decrease your premiums. That is to say, State Farm Drive Safe And Save can help in reducing your premiums. That sounds so good, isn’t it? See Also: What Are Some Ways You Can Save On Car Insurance?

2: Safer driving. Thanks to an objective view of your habits that you can often monitor online, you’ll likely become a safe driver. Most drivers vastly overestimate how safely they motor, but users of telematics report they helped them change their bad habits.

Receive ancillary benefits like roadside assistance and theft tracking.

Drivers like teens and others traditionally deemed poor risks can show they are skilled safe drivers and benefit.

Of course, the biggest pro is the savings. However, before you drive off with your new telematics device, carefully review the parameters to understand what will and won’t affect your driving score and discount. Most discounts for programs like Snapshot and Drivewise fall within 10 to 20 percent. Progressive says the savings average about $150 a year. Not bad!

The Cons Of Drive Safe And Save

1: Privacy concerns. While not all monitoring devices report your location, some do.

2: Unintended consequences. Some users note sarcastically that the software does not penalize you for driving through a yellow light, but does penalize you for stopping suddenly at a yellow light. They suggest the programs actually encourage riskier driving in some instances.

3: Lack of data transfer. If you move from one insurer to another, your data likely will not move with you.

4: Your rates could go up. Progressive recently announced it might raise rates as much as 10 percent if the data shows you’re a bad driver. Expect others to follow.

Hard braking is the parameter that bothers drivers the most. After all, if a light turns yellow or a dog dashes in front of you, what are you supposed to do? But insurers say it’s a predictor of accidents. In a report, Progressive defended using the data. “After analyzing Snapshot driving data, we’ve found hard braking to be one of the most highly predictive variables for predicting future crashes,” said Dave Pratt, general manager of usage-based insurance for Progressive. “We know that one of the main contributors to hard braking is tailgating, so we’re using our data to help drivers be as alert and aware as possible on the road.”

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State Farm Drive Safe and Save: Customer Reviews

Here’s what drivers are saying…

What do drivers think about State Farm Drive Safe & Save? Here are some reviews from State Farm customers who have signed up for Drive Safe & Save. 

In general, the Drive Safe & Save app reviews are positive, earning an impressive 4.5 stars in the App Store even after thousands of reviews. This even-handed review praises the app overall while still pointing out areas for improvement:

Pros And Cons Of Drive Safe And Save

This is one of many reviews that complain about getting dinged for distracted driving. In this much more negative review, a customer is upset that they were marked down for merely looking at their Maps app:

Pros And Cons Of Drive Safe And Save

The general takeaway from reviews of the app seems to be that the app shows lots of promise but could be optimized with a few simple tweaks. 

On Reddit, reviews are somewhat mixed, with drivers reporting only modest discounts. Still, this Redditor thinks the program is worthwhile because State Farm will always give you a discount after you sign up:

Pros And Cons Of Drive Safe And Save

Meanwhile, this Redditor is upset that an extended period of safe driving only netted them $4 in savings:

Pros And Cons Of Drive Safe And Save

As with most insurance companies, your mileage may vary. But overall, State Farm appears to provide a quality app for its Drive Safe & Save program, and very few drivers report significant downsides after signing up for the service.

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Whether the Drive Safe And Save program is right for you all depends on what you’re looking for from an auto insurance policy. If privacy or your driving habits are a concern, it’s probably not the best way to save on your auto insurance. If you’re a safe driver and willing to let your insurer into your car, it can be a great way to save big on your insurance premiums.


  1. Terri Way says:

    I’m taking mine out. This is ridiculous bs. I’ll find another insurance agency. Bye bye beacon.

  2. Dennis E Peterson says:

    There are driving differences when it comes to driving a heavy truck verses a miata that weighs 1/3 of that of a truck. I can stop easily with my 2300 lb miata. If I stop my heavy truck at the same rate as I do with the miata, it will show quick starts and stops, and potentially dangerous driving habits. Conversely, normal quick starts and stops in the miata will show up as dangerous driving. Is this true? Is this not true?

  3. I’ve only had mine in for a few days and this thing is already causing me so much anxiety and frustration 😅😒. It dinged me for accelerating too quickly when i made a u-turn at a green arrow from being stopped at a red light…sorry, but I couldn’t have accelerated THAT quickly. I made sure to drive PERFECTLY and not above 5mph over the speed limit on my entire drive home from work, didn’t touch my phone, just to see what it could say then…and it dinged me at the very end for braking harder than it thought I should’ve as I turned into my driveway at home 😤. I am told often by friends and family that I drive like an old lady…slowly accelerating and letting all the cars pass me by on the road, etc. If I have to go through all of this stress and BS just to save a measly $20-$70 off my premium for the ENTIRE YEAR, nah fam…I’m out ✌🏼😂.

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