Rocket Loans Login: How To Make Your Monthly Payment

Rocket Loans only offers personal loans to US citizens or permanent U.S. resident aliens residing in the United States, who must be over the age of 18. However, Rocket Loans is now part of Rocket Account. The Rocket Loans Login portal allows you to sign in to your account to access all of your personal loan information. You can review your loan schedule and make a payment.

If you are a Rocket Mortgage client or if you previously created a login with Rocket Mortgage or Rocket Homes, you already have a Rocket Account. With Rocket Account, you can:

  • Use a single username and password for all of your current and future Rocket product needs.
  • Access all of our Rocket products from a centralized hub –

What You Need To Know About Rocket Account

Simply put, Rocket Account is the one-stop hub for all things Rocket. With Rocket Account you login using a single username and password to manage all active (and future!) Rocket dashboards, including Rocket Homes, Rocket Mortgage and Rocket Loans, from one central account.

If you are a Rocket Mortgage client or if you previously created a login with Rocket Mortgage or Rocket Homes, you already have a Rocket Account.

When prompted to sign in to your Rocket Account, please do so with the username and password you use to log in to Rocket Mortgage and/or Rocket Homes. You do not need to create a new Rocket Account. Once multiple Rocket accounts are linked, you will only need to use your Rocket Account log in credentials on any Rocket site moving forward.

If you do not have login credentials for Rocket Mortgage or Rocket Homes, Rocket Loans will help you create a Rocket Account by connecting your active Rocket Loans dashboard. Log in to your Rocket Loans dashboard as usual and follow the prompts.

Please note, if you created your Rocket Account after 2017, your username is your email address.

Rocket Loans Login Steps

If you’ve never created an account with Rocket Mortgage or Rocket Homes you will need to sign in and upgrade your Rocket Loans dashboard to a Rocket Account. Don’t have a Rocket Account?

Go to and enter your existing Rocket Loans credentials and we’ll walk you through the steps to set up your Rocket Account.

However, you would already have a Rocket Account if you previously created a login with Rocket Mortgage or Rocket Homes. In this case, you can sign in to Rocket Account using the credentials you use to sign in to Rocket Mortgage and/or Rocket Homes. There is no need for you to create a new Rocket Account for Rocket Loans.

Rocket Loans Login

If your Rocket Account and Rocket Loans dashboard have not already been linked, you will receive customized, easy-to-follow prompts at login to add your Rocket Loans dashboard to your Rocket Account – so you can monitor all of your Rocket products and services from now on with a single login.

I lost my password/Username. What should I do? Gone are the 90’s when it was safe to use your cat’s name (aka Doctor Mew) as your password, and gone are the days when passwords were easy to remember.
But not to worry! That’s what Forgot Username? and Forgot Password? link exist for.

How To Make Your Monthly Payment

Life can be busy and demanding, and they want to help simplify your “To Do” list, which is why they offer an autopay option. Autopay is a secure, easy and convenient way to make payments directly from your bank account each month.

Autopay utilizes Automatic Clearing House, an electronic and secure network that connects all U.S. financial institutions to transfer money.

If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way instead, Rocket Loans are more than happy to accept monthly checks via snail mail. Reach out to one of their Personal Loans Experts at (1-800-333-7625) to set things up.

Rocket Loans will send a reminder email before the payment is due, with the full payment amount and payment date. Additional payments can be made at any time and there are no pre-payment penalties. Please mail checks to:

Rocket Loans
28596 Network Place
Chicago IL 60673-1285

Some clients have selected this option based on the desire to make additional payments. Please note that you may make additional payments with the automatic withdrawal option.

What happens if I’m late on making my payment? The easiest way to avoid a late penalty is to enroll in automatic payments and maintain a minimum balance higher than your monthly payment, but if you have insufficient funds in your bank account or are late because you pay via snail mail, Rocket Loans will charge a late fee of $15 per payment cycle.

Who Can Answer Questions Not Addressed Here?

Rocket Loans strive to make your loan process as fast and effortless as possible and ensure any questions you have are answered right away. During their normal business hours ( Monday – Friday, and 9:00 am – 6:00 pm ET Saturday) you can reach one of their Personal Loan Experts directly by calling (800) 333-7625 .

You can also email [email protected] anytime.

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