Sallie Mae Student Loans Login: How To Pay Your Student Loans

The Sallie Mae Student Loans Login is for those looking for how to pay their loans online. In this post, I will walk you though the necessary steps required to securely sign in to your account, get the info you need to manage your student loans. Learn about student loan payments, get loan servicing forms, and get help with special circumstances.

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What Is Sallie Mae?

SLM Corporation is a publicly traded U.S. corporation that provides consumer banking. Its nature has changed dramatically since it was set up in 1973. At first, it was a government entity that serviced federal education loans. It then became private and started offering private student loans, although at one point it had a contract to service federal loans.

How To Create Your Online Sallie Mae Account

To be able to access the Sallie Mae Student Loans Login portal you must first have an online account on the Sallie Mae portal. If you are new to the Sallie Mae Student Loans Login portal and doesn’t have account you can follow the steps below create an account.

Note: As you input your personal information on their portal, they would want you to know that they take protection of your data seriously. To learn more
about how they collect, use, retain and disclose your personal information, please see their Online Privacy Policy. before you proceed.

To create your online account kindly go to They will ask for your Login information i.e. to create a username and password.

When you are done, agree with their Terms of Use and then click continue.

Sallie Mae Student Loans Login Steps

The next step after creating your account is to log into it in order to make your loans payment. To access your account follow the steps below.

Sallie Mae Student Loans Login Steps

The first step is to go to and enter your username and password and click login.

I forgot my username. How can I get it?: If you have forgotten your username select Forgot your username?, you can enter either your account number or Social Security number and birthdate to get your username.

I forgot my my password. How can I get it?: If you’ve already set up security questions, you can reset your password online by clicking on Forgot your password? and answering those questions. If you haven’t set up your security questions yet or are having difficulty, call them.

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How To Make Your Sallie Mae Student Loans Payments

You have a choice of how to make your monthly student loan payments; choose what works best for you.

1: Automatic debit (Recommended)

When you enroll in auto debit, you can choose to pay the Current Amount Due, which is the amount required to be paid each month until the loan is paid in full, or you can choose to pay more each month, which may help lower your Total Loan Cost. There’s no penalty for paying early or paying extra. Each month, they’ll automatically withdraw your payment from the authorized bank account. If you make an additional payment while enrolled in auto debit, it will not change the amount we withdraw.

By enrolling in auto debit, you can help ensure your payments are made on time each month. You may also qualify for a 0.25 percentage point interest rate reduction on your eligible loan(s). You need to be current with your loan payments to enroll.

Don’t forget, additional payments can be made online at any time. Login to enroll in auto debit now

2: Online payments

You will be required to Log in to your account to add your bank account information. Once you’ve added it, you can submit your student loan payment electronically each month.

If you have multiple bank accounts, you can make your student loan payments from a different bank account if you want to. Just remember to schedule the payment every month. Payments made online will be effective the same day for which they are scheduled. However, payments may not be reflected in your online Transaction History for 2-4 days after the effective date.

Want to make extra student loan payments? If you want to add a little extra to your payments each month, this is a good way to do it. You can also use this in conjunction with auto debit.

3: Sallie Mae® mobile app

With the Sallie Mae mobile app, you can make and manage Sallie Mae student loan payments anytime, anywhere, from your iPhone®, Android™ phone, or Apple Watch®.

  • Make payments for multiple loans easily.
  • Get information on each loan—Current Balance, Total Amount Due, interest rate, and more.
  • View payment history.
  • Log in with Touch ID for easy access (iPhone only).
  • Use your Apple Watch to pay your loans and view the confirmation.
  • Payments made on the mobile app will be effective the same day for which they are scheduled. However, payments may not be reflected in your online Transaction History for 2-4 days after the effective date.

Download the award-winning Sallie Mae mobile app.

4: By phone

Make a student loan payment to individual loans from your bank account through their automated phone system at 800-472-5543 (800-4-SALLIE). It’s convenient and easy; have your bank account information ready.

Payments by phone will be effective the same day for which they are scheduled. However, payments may not be reflected in your online Transaction History for 2-4 days after the effective date.

5: By mail

You can make student loan payments by mailing in a check or money order. Allow at least 7 – 10 days before your due date for your payment to be credited in time. If your payment is late, you may be charged a late fee. A returned check fee may be charged if your check doesn’t clear for any reason, including insufficient funds.


You may be charged a late fee if you don’t pay your loan’s Current Amount Due (and any Past Due Amount) within 15 days after the Current Amount Due Date. The late fee amount is listed on your loan’s Disclosure and your billing statement.

If your student loan payments are late, you may also lose your eligibility for borrower benefits or repayment incentives. Late payments may also be reported to consumer reporting agencies, which could negatively impact your credit report.

We’ve got helpful information for you. If you can’t find exactly what you need, call Sallie Mae student loans customer service at 800-472-5543.

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