Sears Credit Card Login: How To Make a Sears Credit Card Payment

Sears Credit card Login comes with many benefits for the customers of Sears bank, with benefits like discounts on purchase, Sears Credit Card Login page, self-service and discounts coupons it always provides benefits to its customers.

Once you have Issued a Sears Credit Card the next step includes in the process is to activate it first to avail all the benefits and rewards, You should do the Sears Card Login to activate.

Sears Credit Card Login

Whether you want to make your minimum payment or contact Sears credit card customer service, you can do it within minutes by accessing your account. Here are some essential Sears credit card login tips for managing your account on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device:

Go to the Sears credit card site.  Access your Sears credit card account online by visiting the Sears credit card login page.

Enter your username and password on the login screen. After you’ve entered the login details, select the orange “Sign On” button as indicated in the image below.

Sears Credit Card Login

Enter your name as it appears on the card. After you log in, Sears needs to verify your identity with this extra step. Enter your full name exactly as it’s printed on your Sears credit card. You might also need to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Review your balance and account details. You’ll see your current balance and amount due as soon as you’re logged in. You can make a payment or look at your current statement to verify your purchases, balance transfers and other account activity.

Check These Out:

How to Register a New Sears Credit Card

When logging in for the first time, select the “Register Your Card” button underneath the “Sign On” button. Enter your card number, name as it appears on your card, card security code and the last four digits of your Social Security number. Select “Verify.” Once your information is verified, you will be given instructions on how to proceed.

How to Retrieve a Lost Sears Credit Card Account User ID or Reset a Password

In case of a forgotten your user ID or password, select “Retrieve User ID” or “Reset Password.” Enter your card number, name as it appears on your card, card security code and the last four digits of your Social Security number. Select “Verify.” After verification, follow the instructions.

How to Make a Sears Credit Card Payment

The Sears bill pay service makes it easy to pay your bill online by the due date. Once you’ve completed the Sears card login step, click on the Sears bill pay option and decide whether you want to make the minimum payment, a larger payment or schedule a payment for another date.

Sears gives you the option to link to your bank account for electronic payments or pay by check at no extra charge. Plus, if you save your bank information to your account, you won’t have to enter it again for future payments.

For questions about your account, contact Sears credit card customer service 24/7 by dialing 800-815-7701.

Whether you want to keep track of your Sears purchases or schedule a few online payments to clear your retail debt, using Sears online account services makes managing your account fast and easy. Managing your Sears credit card online can make it easier to check your balances and make bill payments on time. You can also download statements if you opt out of paper statements by mail.

Sears Card Login Payment Info

Payment Official Address:

  • Sears Consumer Payments
  • P.O. Box 9001055
  • Louisville, KY 40290-1055

Sears Credit Card Login Details

1-800-917-7700, Sears Contact for general inquiries.
1-800-733-1116, Sears Credit card contact for collection issues.
1-800-819-9000, Sears Card lost and Stolen request number.
1-800-589-7327, Sears Mastercard activation number.

We think you have understood the complete process for Sears Card login/ Activation and you will soon activate your Sears credit card by following the above instructions. Still, if you face any problems in activating your Sears card you can easily comment us so that we can help you in solving your issue.

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