SPS Mortgage Login: How To Manage Your Mortgage Account

Select Portfolio Servicing is a loan servicing company founded in 1989 as Fairbanks Capital Corp. with operations in Salt Lake City, Utah and Jacksonville, Florida. If you are a customer and have an online account with them, you can make a payment and other online activities on the SPS Mortgage Login portal.

Not only that but the SPS Mortgage Login portal allows customers who have online account to easy manage their online account transactions, including:

  • Set up Automatic Payments
  • View Statements
  • Set up Third Party Access
  • Make a Payment
  • Request Payment History
  • View Letters
  • Submit Proof of Insurance
  • Request Assistance
  • Upload Documents

The SPServicing Login portal provides you with all the tools you need to manage your online account. From the SPServicing Login portal, you can make a payment, view important messages, review account details, and use the Information Hub. The Information Hub provides you with account-specific answers to common questions.

To manage your account, you must be a customer and be signed in. If you are a new customer, follow the steps below to register online account.

How To Register For Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) Online Access

By registering your account on the Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) website, you are representing that you are the customer of record. Please protect your security and do not provide your sign in information to any other party.

SPS reserves the right to verify information provided on their website with the customer of record and may disclose and/or prosecute unauthorized access.

SPS has created functionality for third party use of their web site. To utilize these features, please proceed to their registration form by clicking the button below.

If you are a SPS Customer, please proceed to their registration form by clicking the button below.

How To Register For Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) Online Access

To register for Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) Online access please head to https://www.spservicing.com/Home/NewUserRegistration and complete the registration form.

SPServicing Login Steps

Now that you have registered for Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) Online access or if you already have a SPServicing online account, you may access it at any time. It’s simple to log into your online account, and you’ll need your login information.

Below are the steps that, if followed carefully, will take you to your account easily within minutes.

SPS Mortgage Login: How To Manage Your  Mortgage Account

Step 1: After making sure that your internet is working, open your browser. 

Step 2: Visit the below link or the official portal of the Select Portfolio Servicing. 

Visit the Link: https://www.spservicing.com/Login

Step 3: Now, you have to fill the empty boxes with your username and password.

Click this link if you have forgotten your User ID and/or Password. If you need further assistance, please contact them.

How To Mae Your Select Portfolio Servicing Mortgage Payment

Select Portfolio Servicing has many mortgage payment options. All you need to do is to select the payment method that suits you.

The idea of paying off your mortgage in full early can be pretty daunting. After all, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. Paying that much money off today would likely be impossible (unless you’ve won the lottery or had a rich uncle die). And, it’s not like you can just swipe your credit card and be done with it. However, it’s actually quite easy to shave years or even decades off the payment schedule, increasing your equity and saving you plenty of money in interest payments by paying off your mortgage early.

Learn more about how to pay Off your mortgage early: Tips And Hacks

1: Automatic Payments: One of the SPServicing Mortgage Payment options includes Automatic Payments. with this method the funds are automatically deducted from your bank account each month. You can select the day of the month that the deduction is made when you enroll in the program. To set up Automatic Payments go to https://www.spservicing.com/Home/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fServices%2fSetUpACHPayment and sign in with your username and password.

2: One-Time Online Payment: You can make a one-time payment using your bank account. Payments made during business hours are posted the same day. A fee of up to $15 may be assessed. To make an online payment, go to https://www.spservicing.com/Home/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fServices%2fMakeaPayment and sign in with your username and password.

However, you can also pay online as a guest that is called quick pay. You can continue as a guest without having to register/sign in.

Please note: When you continue as a guest, you will not be able to view specific account information or save the information used to make future payments. If you agree and wish to proceed go to https://www.spservicing.com/StaticDetails/QuickPay and enter the account number and property zip code to validate the account.

3: Pay by Phone: Payments can be made over the phone at (800) 258-8602. You may make a payment through their automated system or by speaking to a representative. Payments will be withdrawn from your bank account, so please have your account and routing number ready. Credit and debit cards are not accepted. Please note that a fee of up to $15 may be assessed for using this payment method.

4: Pay by Mail: Personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders may be mailed to the address below. In order to ensure quick and accurate processing of your payment, please include your SPS account number and your property address.

Payment Address

  • Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.
  • P.O. Box 65450
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84165-0450

Overnight Account Payment Address

  • Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.
  • 3217 S. Decker Lake Drive
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Please write your account number in the memo area of your check or money order.

Other Ways To Pay Your Select Portfolio Servicing Mortgage

1: Western Union: Western Union payments can be made at your local Western Union office. Please note that they may charge a fee for their services. Here’s the information you will need to provide:

Code City: 

Code State: 

Make Payable to: 
Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.

Reference Number:  
Your Loan Number

If you have a Western Union online account, see >> Western Union USA Login | How To Login With Western Union In The US

2: Wire Transfer: Bank wire transfers can be sent using the wiring instructions below.

  • ABA/Bank Routing Number: 021000021
  • Account Number: 900900308
  • Account Name: Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc
  • Attention: Wire Retaining
  • Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank
  • Bank Address: 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York, NY 10005
  • Bank International Swift Code: CHASUS33

Select Portfolio Servicing Contact Information


General Correspondence: Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. P.O. Box 65250Salt Lake City, UT 84165-0250

Account Payment: Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc Attn: Remittance Processing P.O. Box 65450Salt Lake City, UT 84165-0450Please write your account number in the memo area of your check or money order.

Overnight Account Payment Address: Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.3217 S. Decker Lake DriveSalt Lake City, UT 84119Please write your account number in the memo area of your check or money order.

Property Tax Bills / Notice: Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. Property Tax Department P.O. Box 3541Covina, CA 91722

Insurance Documents: Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. P.O. Box 7277Springfield, OH 45501-7277

Notice of Error / Request for Information / Qualified Written Request Notice of Error / Request for Information / Qualified Written Request: Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. P.O. Box 65277Salt Lake City, UT 84165-0277


Customer Service / Account Payment / Tax Information: 1-800-258-8602

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Thursday
  • 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM ET

Assistance Programs: 1-888-818-6032

Hours of Operation:

  • Friday
  • 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM ET

International Customers: 1-904-722-7009

Hours of Operation:

  • Saturday
  • 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM ET


  1. Terri GRANOT says:

    I have been trying to login for days. How can your site be down forever? I never received the 1099 for either 2020 or 2012

    Can you check to where it was sent. Can you resend to me by email to [email protected]

    My loan number is: 0030230726. last 4 of SSN. 4454, Royal Embassy. 5750 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
    Fl. 33140. apt 6g, thank you very much

  2. Hi Terri GRANOT,
    For additional assistance please contact Select Portfolio Servicing customer service by any of the above listed ways.

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