How To Cheat State Farm Drive Safe And Save: Tips & Hacks

The State Farm Drive Safe and Save discount is based on your annual mileage and, for Drive Safe & save mobile, basic driving characteristics. State Farm Drive Safe And Save Cheat appeared first on Insurance Diaries. Continue reading below to learn everything you need to know about State Farm Drive Safe And Save and its Login Steps

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What is State Farm Drive Safe and Save?

The State Farm Drive Safe & Save program uses driving data — either from an app and a beacon Bluetooth device or from OnStar — to gauge your performance as a driver and award discounts for safe habits. You can enroll in State Farm Drive Safe & Save at no additional cost to yourself; the program is completely free.

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Pros Of State Farm Drive Safe and Save

  • One of the highest usage-based discounts
  • Increasing your discount over multiple policy periods

Con Of State Farm Drive Safe and Save

  • Drivers who can’t stay phone-free on the road
  • Drivers who don’t want to experience continuous monitoring
  • Massachusetts, California, and Rhode Island residents

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What Does the State Farm Drive Safe & Save App Track?

State Farm Drive Safe & Save monitors the following behaviors:

  • Sudden acceleration and braking
  • Making sharp turns
  • Phone usage, including hands-free usage
  • Driving eight miles or more above the speed limit
  • Driving during late and heavy-traffic hours

State Farm Drive Safe And Save Cheat

Do you want to trick State Farm Drive Safe and Save into thinking you’re a smarter driver than you are? Don’t try it. It may be tempting to uninstall the app, but State Farm explicitly says that doing this could cause you to forfeit your discount.

State Farm Drive Safe And Save Cheat

However, while you should not uninstall the app, you can temporarily turn off Bluetooth and location services when you’re not driving. That way, you’re not constantly sharing location data with State Farm.

This ability to turn off location distinguishes Drive Safe & Save from other UBI programs. Some programs, like Progressive Snapshot, do not allow you to turn off location services and know when you’re taking alternative transportation, such as a bike.

You should not consider State Farm Drive Safe And Save Cheat if:

  • Your main goal is to maximize your car insurance discount. State Farm Drive Safe & Save monitors your driving continuously, but it also offers you the opportunity to save up to 30% or, in some states, up to 50% on your car insurance.
  • You feel confident in your ability to drive phone-free. Your phone usage impacts your discount with Drive Safe & Save, so if you rely on your phone while driving, it may be worth it to consider another program.
  • You’d prefer to enroll one car on your policy. While some programs require you to enroll all the cars and drivers included in your policy, Drive Safe and Safe does not — though your discount will increase if you do.
  • You have an OnStar subscription. State Farm Drive Safe and Save pairs with OnStar, so you can get a discount on your auto insurance if you share your data via OnStar’s monitoring technology.

So instead of trying to tamper with the app to increase rewards, it’s wiser to practice safe driving habits to get savings.

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State Farm Drive Safe And Safe Driving Habits to Get Savings

Human error is the cause of 90% of road accidents. Practicing good driving habits not only benefits your safety and the safety of others, but it can also save you money and time. Keep these three habits in mind when driving and help improve the experience for everyone on our roads and highways.

1. Don’t speed – it’s not worth the risk or the cost: According to a Transport Canada study, most people exceed the speed limit, particularly on highways. Yet, over 20% of collisions on Canadian roads involve excessive speed.

Many people try to justify that driving faster gets you to your destination sooner. Occasionally, this may be true, but is the time you save worth the risk of a collision, injuries, and fines? Consider a 25 km trip on a highway:

  • Traveling at the posted 100 km/h speed limit will take you 15 minutes
  • Traveling at 110 km/h will take you 13 minutes and 38 seconds

In this case, you only save one minute and 22 seconds. However, this doesn’t factor in traffic congestion or traffic lights when you get off the highway – both of which are likely to eliminate this minor time savings. At the same time, studies estimate speeding increases your risk of an accident by 30%.

Speeding also costs you money. In addition to the potential fines from law enforcement, aggressive accelerating and braking uses more fuel and wear out your brakes faster. An aggressive driver is likely to use 25% more fuel than an average driver, which can cost a regular commuter an extra $500 annually.

2. Keep your eyes on the road – distraction can be deadly: You may think you’re a great multi-tasker, but did you know that humans are only consciously able to attend to one task at a time? It’s not possible to pay full attention to driving while completing another task – like texting, changing the radio, or eating.

Even if it only takes you two seconds to look at your device, you’ve already doubled your risk of a collision. At 100 km/h, you’ll travel 52 meters in two seconds – nearly the length of a hockey rink – over which the road conditions can drastically change.

Along with substantial fines and demerit points, some provinces are discussing the introduction of license suspensions for using hand-held electronic devices while driving. From both a safety and financial perspective, distracted driving is a bad idea, so stay focused on the road.

3. Maintain tire pressure – it’s cost-effective and safer to drive: Driving with tires that aren’t properly inflated reduces your vehicle’s handling capabilities and increases your stopping distance. It also means you’ll need to replace your tires more frequently, as under-inflated tires worsen tread wear and increase the chance of your tires rupturing. Finally, your fuel economy will suffer if you drive with the wrong tire pressure.

Thankfully, these expensive problems can be mitigated by routinely using an inexpensive tool – a tire pressure gauge – which you can get online or in the automotive section of many local retail stores. Even if your car has an electronic tire pressure monitoring system, it’s a good idea to keep a gauge in your glove compartment. Check your vehicle’s owner manual or tire information placard for the correct pressures.



  1. Does USAA Auto insurance for military and retired veterans and family have anything like State farm’s drive and save program that anyone knows about or something similar? Thank you so much for your time and understanding sincerely Richard Britt

  2. Clifton Thomas Roberson says:

    I use Drive Safe and Save Andy discount exceeds $300 per year…. However, I am not a great fan of the program. After a while you will learn that is better to go through a yellow light, rather than slam on the brakes to stop for the light. Turn signals are not monitored. You have to be a mentally ill “anal” person to drive around with a 2 week average score of 95 or above. I currently have a 100%. It takes the pleasure out of driving. I think anyone who uses it for a solid year, should just get the discount. Savings are great… I do NOT agree with how it monitors acceleration, cornering or braking. Questions also rise from speed limits in work zones, etc. I would score the accuracy of the app with a 75%.. and that would give very little discount TO State Farm. I do not recommend it at all.

  3. Mine took a flight out of my window. Safe landing beacon!!

  4. @Terri, I assume you got a braking violation for your beacon stopping so quickly after flying out the window….

  5. If my husband is driving, I still can’t use my phone in the passenger seat!! There should be a way to tell it…”I’m not driving!!”

  6. Jake Farm says:

    Nice Driving Habits to Get Savings

  7. roadrunner says:

    @jenny, turn off your phone’s Bluetooth

  8. William Greystone says:

    Always had >90% and had a $30 credit. Forget the device + State Farm.
    Marketing gimmick.

  9. Safe Driver says:

    I actually like it. I do have to practice safe driving but I save 25%. I think it is totally worth it if you are a safe driver. I’ve used the device for four years & consistently get a great discount.

  10. Anytime I have to slow down to turn into a parking lot, it marks me for hard braking. I have to turn into a parking lot off the highway to get to work, and it keeps marking me for it. I’m just trying to keep my discount up because I’m in college and can’t afford to pay a lot, but this is frustrating.

  11. Bryant Evans says:

    State Farm Member here who only got $7.61 for using the beacon for 6 months. My agent even said I should’ve had a lot more because of my good driving habits! They raised my premium for the next 6 months by $ 44 roughly/month….. A 54% increase…… my agent even states that it’s not right or accurate what they are charging me it’s just “the graph” that the company overall uses 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  12. It is absolutely the most inaccurate device. I have CONSCIOUSLY driven below/at speed limits as well as down shifting before soft braking to minimize any sort of hard braking, etc, etc etc, just to test the process – YET I am cited for hard braking ,- even after having taken all these ridiculous efforts. Great discount but their beacon is beyond incredulous

  13. Janice Fenchak says:

    Had serious issues with it. Wouldn’t recommend it.

  14. I’m pretty sure it docs me for playing my music through Bluetooth so I just take the bad credit for that even though it’s ridiculous. There is very little information given about the beacon so I really don’t recommend, plus it’ll doc you for anything small even if it’s not your fault. My app logged me out and continues to spam my phone with notifications to connect to my Bluetooth even when it is already connected. Lots of errors

  15. How do you get the beacon to not track on any phone. Even if a phone is not in the car does it still track

  16. I used to have a great rating, almost 100%. Now I’m down to 79% and can’t budge it. I hate that I signed up for this program. My insurance has gone up about $70 a month. I am low income and their increases are killing me. People tell me I’m a great driver but this app makes me feel like I’m the worst. Don’t sign up, it’s not worth it.

  17. Hate that anytime I use my phone, my husband’s trip score is docked saying phone distraction. With a different providers program I used to be able to click “not the driver” during those circumstances, state farm needs to make a feature like that also.

  18. Was driving speed limit, light turned yellow, if I went through, I would sure to get a ticket, had to stop but then dinged for braking too hard. So it was either stop a little hard or going through a yellow light and risking a ticket, wouldn’t that be safe driving? Pulling onto a busy street with higher speed limit, have to accelerate to avoid being hit but yet dinged for acceleration, again driving smart and safe or slow and dangerous to meet their requirements?

  19. Sounds like I should not install this I drive for work n get calls from patients n doctors

  20. It’s the worst gimmick I’ve ever seen. Turning off blue took and location doesn’t work. Get message on trip this trip recorded by other means. What other means. Pulled off road started bluetooth and location. Drove about 1 1/2 miles without braking l, not using phone, costed to a stop, never sped or hard acceleration, got 3 dings, phone ussage, hard braking, acceleration issue. Unbelievably false recordings. Hate it. Now my next 6 month discount was 6.00 and change. Amazing too because i had surgery, couldn’t drive for awhile. Has another driver but couldn’t change to i was passenger. Said trip recorded by other means

  21. It is incredibly inaccurate and can not account for real road problems. I got acceleration dings for accelerating into a freeway— apparently we should just risk our lives and go slow. I get cornering constantly for back country roads and their curves, it’s the road there’s nothing I can do, and the braking is stupid. Doesn’t matter how softly you do it, I get dinged for nearly every stop but if I don’t stop then I’d hit a car in front of me. These apps can not account for real world driving situations, see the roads, or understand that to drive safely you need acceleration and braking. It’s a scam basically. I know I am a good driver because I am accident free and citation free for the entirety of the time I have been a licensed driver. I’d rather not be tracked screw their measly discount.

  22. Hate, despise, abhor this beacon which is highly inaccurate. The speed limit changed and I notified the company MANY TIMES! Each representative said it’s not a problem it will fall off in 30 days. But I still get dinged every day that I drive through that area because it says I’m speeding and I’m not. I contacted the representative and he said it’s not a big deal but it is a big deal because I am not speeding. Also about braking. If I have to hit my brakes hard it’s to save my life or another driver from being in an accident yet I get dinged for that! This is the most ridiculous app I have ever had the mercy of being captive to. My husband is driving and they say oh the first person in the car is the phone that they will track with but they doesn’t because if I’m on my phone playing my word game it says phone destruction and it’s me not him. We have been lied to by every representative we have been misled by every representative with the way things are supposed to go with the app and I am sick of it but it does save us money. I am so frustrated I just want to pitch it!!

  23. Question the guy I live with lets me use his car he has a safe & save device in the car, So can he see my location at all times with that box in the car??

  24. For everyone commenting on being dinged for passenger phone use you can go into the trip and state that the passenger was using the phone and not the driver.

  25. George Smith says:

    I don’t like that it will also track when you are in someone else’s car and their bad driving habits appear that you are driving when you’re not. So someone else’s bad driving habits appear to be yours. I’m deleting the app because of this.

  26. George Smith, how can it track in someone else’s car if they don’t have your beacon that you had to scan to set up on your phone? Or if they have no beacon at all?! This makes zero sense.

  27. I like the idea of this app but I am going crazy trying to get good scores on acceleration, braking, and cornering. I’m doing gentle stops, smooth acceleration, and safe cornering and I’m still getting scores in the 70’s meaning needs improvement. I’m a safe driver and I’ve tried going slower, accelerating a bit faster and slower and I always get dinged by the app. Not to mention I use my phone as a GPS to get to places in unfamiliar with and the app kept registering my GPS as phone interactions. One round trip of using my GPS drastically lowered that score. Not to mention the app constantly wants you to have location and Bluetooth on, even when you’re not in the car. I’m not going to drain my phone battery just to keep those on when I don’t need them. I’ve only had this app a month and I already am tempted to get rid of it. There is just too many problems with how it records your driving.

  28. Betty Purcell says:

    Drive Safe and Save has made me a better driver. As for phone use, I got a call while driving and disconnected before my voicemail started. No ding. My passenger then returned the call, and there was no ding for that either. Any discount is worth it, and in September I will be saving almost $150.

  29. Jack Peaco says:

    My main issue is with braking. I use one pedal driving when driving my EV and I do not brake hard but yet I get dinged for it, also a previous comment about stopping for a light is true, if you stop you get dinged but it fine to go through the light. I also use cruise control and when I cancel it the car seems to start breaking and guess what, another ding. I also got dinged for accelerating to fast, it’s a EV, it’s not like I’m flooring it.
    Come on State Farm, you need to do some fine tuning.

  30. Jack Miller says:

    My problem is with the braking and acceleration functions. Very inaccurate. I have had to change the beacon 6 times. It works properly for a while then incorrectly records braking and acceleration again. It has even tagged me for braking and acceleration pulling into my driveway. I hope State Farm reads these posts and corrects the beacon with an app update or something.

  31. State Farm altered the language in its Drive Safe & Save program two months ago. Instead of a “discount,” it is now a “premium adjustment,” which means they can now utilize your data for underwriting purposes (i.e. raise your rates if they don’t like the way you drive). And in the past two months, instead of receiving scores of 95% and higher, I am now being penalized for acceleration, cornering, and braking, and am now only rated as a “fair” driver.

    Their system is absurd. I have an electric car, and as another contributor pointed out, I’m just driving and not flooring it. I get dinged every day for cornering because I drive around a roundabout. I even get dinged for hard braking in my garage!

    I received my renewal notification today, and my premium has increased by more than 65%! No one can do anything about this. It’s based on the score the Drive Safe & Save team submitted to Underwriting. The underwriters don’t see my scores for the previous nine months, including the first four months of my current policy. Clearly, the score that they were given was only from the last two months–since State Farm made these changes. It is a gigantic scam.

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