TCF Bank Check Balance: How To Check Your TCF Bank Balance

TCF Bank Check Balance: TCF banking centers became Huntington branches and you began accessing your accounts at Huntington branches, at ATMs and through Huntington Online Banking. However, your TCF account balance can be checked by phone, or online by logging in to your TCF Bank. Learn how to access your TCF bank here.

TCF Bank Check Balance on phone

To check TCF balance on kindly call 1-800-TCF-BANK (1-, TTY 1-to hear your current balance, review recent transactions, and transfer funds between accounts through their automated telephone banking service.

TCF Bank Check Balance online

In digital banking, from my accounts, select the account you want to view. Your account’s running balance will appear below each posted transaction. You will not see a running balance for pending transactions. If you wish to stop seeing it, move the running balance setting to off.

Your running balance is not your available balance. It is for guidance only and does not reflect available funds.

How To View Your TCF Bank Statement Information: When you log in to your TCF account, select the “Accounts and Statements” tab. Click on the account you’d like to view statements for. You’ll be able to access up to three years of past bank statements.

What’s the difference between available balance and running balance?

Your available balance is the most current record we have of the amount available for you to withdraw from your account. It reflects deposits and withdrawals that have posted to your account, subtracts funds not yet available and adjusts for pending deposits and withdrawals.

Your running balance is for informational purposes only, listing transactions that were processed to your account on a particular day. The transactions may not process in the order shown. Running balance is not used to determine overdraft fees and is not adjusted to show your historical available balance.

How can I download my transaction history?

Select your account from my accounts, then choose export transactions. Select the format for your export from the dropdown menu, choose your start and end dates, then click download.

How do I search for a specific transaction?

From my accounts, click on your account to view the transactions for that account. To search for a specific transaction, enter a keyword, amount description, name of merchant or other term. You can also limit your search to a specific date range, if desired.

How do I view my transactions?

From my accounts, click on the account you wish to view. You can scroll down to review your transactions.

How To Contact TCF Bank Online Banking Customer Service

For additional assistance Contact TCF Bank Online Banking Customer Service

Call them at 1-800-TCFBANK (1-800-823-2265) or 1-800-343-6145 (TTY) and they can help you sign up for online statements. How do I view my statement? Log in to TCF digital banking and follow the instructions here, select the accounts & statements tab, then click on the account name.

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