Tesco Credit Card Login: How To Access Your Credit Card Account

If you want to get the information about the Tesco Credit Card Login, and you don’t know how to Login in Tesco Credit Card then you don’t worry we have provided the information for it. Tesco’s credit cards are issued under the Mastercard network, so can be used in millions of places in the UK and abroad.

If you’ve just gotten approved for the Tesco Credit card — congratulations — you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your new Tesco Credit Card account and how to contact customer service, should any problems arise. However, you have to attentively read this article till the end in order to learn how to register your Card for online account access, learn how to sign in to your account and make your Credit Card payments.

How To Register for Tesco Bank Online and Mobile Banking

The first step is to register for Online Banking. Simply click on the ‘Register’ link at the top of their website page to get started. You’ll need your account details and in just a few clicks you’ll be enjoying the benefits of being able to manage your accounts any time, any place.

All you’ll need are your personal and account details to hand and you’ll soon be able to log in and manage your accounts online. Easily manage your accounts, any time, any place. Set up Online Banking in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Enter your personal details. They will ask for your name, postcode, date of birth and account details.

Step 2: They’ll send you a Temporary Security Number immediately by text or through the post. It’s valid for 30 days. Once you receive this enter it and continue.

Step 3: Next, choose your security credentials:

  • Username – they recommend you use your email address.
  • Security number – six digits that isn’t a simple pattern or your date of birth.
  • Password – at least seven characters with a mix of letters and numbers. It’s case sensitive and can’t be the same as your username.
  • Security questions – we use these if you need to get in touch with us over the phone so make sure they’re memorable.

Step 4: Read and accept our Online Banking terms and conditions.

Step 5: You’ll be asked to allow Tesco Bank to recognize your computer or mobile device for security. This helps them identify that it’s really you when logging in. If you allow them to recognize your computer or mobile device, they store a security cookie on your device which doesn’t store any private or personal information about you or your accounts. Allow them to do this and you’re all set up.

Tesco Credit Card Login Steps

The Tesco credit card login process is very simple and straightforward. After you might have registered for online access you will receive your username and password. Before, you make your first payment with card you will need to log in to your credit card account through the Tesco bank website.

Tesco Credit Card Login
  • Visit the official site of Tesco at https://identity.tescobank.com/afm/login
  • After that, provide your User ID for the Login in Tesco.
  • You want to your device remember is your Username, then you press the #Remember my Username option.
  • A final step of the login is pressing the Login Option for the Login the Tesco Credit Card.
  • Congrats you are successfully complete the Tesco Credit Card Login process.

How To Pay Your Tesco Credit Card Bill

Tesco Bank have several ways for you to pay your credit card bill, so it’s easy for you to keep up to date. All this information is contained within the How to Pay section of your monthly statement. You need to first register for Online Banking and then follow these steps:

1: How Pay Tesco Credit Card Bill By Bank: You can send them a payment directly from your bank.

  • Log in to Online Banking, click on your account and select ‘Make a Payment’ from the drop down menu. You may want to know how to login to your Bank account.
  • Select ‘Pay by Bank’, read through the terms and conditions then select ‘Next’ and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Choose your bank from the list and check all your payment details are correct and then select ‘Confirm’ to continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your payment request.
  • Your bank will carry out checks on your account when confirming if the payment can be made.

If you don’t see your bank on the list, you will be able to send a Faster Payment from your bank account to sort code 40-64-15, account number 31310006 and include your Tesco Bank 16 digit credit card number (without spaces) as the reference so they know it’s your payment. Please allow up to 2 working days for the payment to clear.

If you have their Mobile App, you can also send them a payment directly from your bank in the app.

2: How Pay Tesco Credit Card Bill by Direct Debit: You can set up regular payments to your credit card by direct debit, which means you won’t have to organize a manual payment each month.

  • Log in to Online Banking, click on your credit card and then select ‘Direct Debit’ in the top right hand corner.
  • Follow the steps to choose your payment amount and enter the account details you want the direct debit to be paid from.
  • If you get an email or text before your first direct debit date letting you know your statement is ready, you’ll need to make your first payment by bank transfer or debit card instead. Your Direct Debit should then be active for your next monthly statement.

If you have their Mobile App, you can also set up, manage and cancel your direct debit in the app.

3: How Pay Tesco Credit Card Bill by Debit Card: You can pay using your debit card where you can add a new card for a payment if you haven’t already and make a one-off payment to your bill.

  • Log in to Online Banking, click on your account and then select “Make a Payment” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Pay by Debit Card” and if your card has previously been saved, please select it and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If you need to add a new card, select “Pay with a new card”, enter your card information and you will have the option of saving it for future payments.

If you have their Mobile App, you can also make a payment using your debit card in the app.

4: How Pay Tesco Credit Card Bill by Mobile App: To do this you need to first download and set up their Mobile App. Then follow these steps:

  • Log in to the mobile app
  • Select the credit card you want to make a payment on
  • Select the menu icon and then select ‘Pay with debit card’

For more information write to Tesco bank:

Tesco Bank Credit Card Operations, PO Box 342, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 2GD


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