Tesco Insurance Login: How To Manage Your Insurance Account

The Tesco Insurance Login portal is an online portal that makes it easy to manage your home and car insurance policies online. No phone calls, no admin fees and no fuss. Your Insurance Account is an online insurance channel where you can manage your Car or Home insurance policy online. It’s an ideal way of keeping everything important together in one place, and all that you need to check and change your policies. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • View, download and then print any of your policy documents
  • Check your renewal price and renew online
  • Remove your automatic renewal online
  • Send them your documents safely and securely online
  • Upload and send them documents such as your proof of no claims
  • Make changes to your personal details such as changing your name or address
  • Make changes to your policy such as changing your address, vehicle or adding/removing additional drivers

So if you have a Car or Home insurance policy with Tesco Bank and looking to update your policy or having issues with Your Insurance Account, We’ve got lots of information to help you manage your policy online.

How To Register for Your Tesco Insurance Account

Tesco Insurance online account registration process is quick and simple. You’re just a few clicks away from enjoying the benefits of being able to manage your insurance anytime, anywhere. If you haven’t already done so you can register for Your Insurance Account online. You will be asked to enter:

1: A username: You will need to enter this each time you log in, and this cannot be changed so use something you are likely to remember. Tesco Insurance recommend using your email address. If you have a separate banking login or multiple insurance products, then you cannot use the same username for each login. Please note they do not accept usernames containing ‘Tesco’.

2: A password: Your password is case sensitive. It must be at least seven characters including letters and numbers. It cannot be the same as your username.

3: Policy details: If you are registering a policy you already have with Tesco Insurance, you will be asked to enter your first name, surname, postcode, date of birth and policy number. Your policy number can be found on any emails we have recently sent you or on your policy documents.

4: One Time Access Code: When you have provided the above details Tesco Insurance will send you a One Time Access Code to your landline or mobile number to verify who you are. The code is valid for 10 minutes and is sent immediately but can take up to 15 minutes to be received.

If Tesco Insurance don’t have your up to date mobile and landline phone numbers please contact them to update your information. To make sure you can always access Your Insurance Account it’s important that you keep your mobile and landline phone numbers up to date.

To Register for Your Tesco Insurance online account, go to https://identity.tescobank.com/afm/register

Tesco Insurance Login Steps

Now that we know that Tesco bank also offers insurance policies and has an online facility and it’s easy to log in and it’s free. But, one question remains: how do we do it? How do we log in to the account? Just follow this quite simple steps, and the rest will follow:

Tesco Insurance Login: How To Manage Your Insurance Account

Step 1: Go to the Tesco Insurance Login page: https://identity.tescobank.com/pf/adapter2adapter.ping

Step 2: Upon reaching the Tesco Insurance login page, scroll down to your insurance account and provide your username the blank spaces below and then press “Log In”. If the particulars entered are correct you will also be taken to your account dashboard.

Please note: If you have any banking products with Tesco the username for Your Insurance Account will be different to these.

What happens if I have forgotten my Username?

Your username is easily retrieved through our forgotten username process on Your Insurance Account, we just require some extra information from you.

  • To start the process select ‘Forgotten your username?’
  • Please enter your name, date of birth and postcode
  • Click ‘Continue’ to log in
  • If you have more than one account we will also ask you for your policy number
  • Once your details are verified your username will appear on screen

If you have made any changes to your policy you will need to use the information that was on your policy when you first registered. If your details aren’t recognized, this means you are not registered for Your Insurance Account. Tesco launched this service on 10th December 2017, so if you accessed your documents via email prior to this date, then you need to register for the service first.

How To Contact Tesco Insurance

You can get in touch any time, most customers find the answer they need in 5 minutes during office hours (9am-5pm). Social media also allows them to easily pinpoint and identify any issues with screenshots. They can assist with a variety queries, including:

  • Stop an automatic renewal
  • Help registering for Your Insurance Account
  • What’s covered in your policy
  • No claims discount
  • Direct debit and payment queries

Write to them
Tesco Bank Customer Service
PO Box 276
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE12 2BT

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