Therapy Notes Login – How To Login To Therapy Notes

TherapyNote is an online practice management system for behavioral health, featuring robust notes, scheduling, and billing features. The heart of TherapyNote is the notes system. Whereas most practice management systems offer a generic free-form text area. in this article we discuss Therapy Notes Login process. Well, health is a very conscious issue for all of us. In this busy life, nobody has time to focus on mental and physical health which results in a blunder in the future. To overcome this problem Therapy notes helps you a lot to manage your daily health plan and much more.

Therapy Notes Overview

TherapyNot offers an easy-to-use form-filled approach, greatly speeding up data entry and note writing. The notes were carefully designed by TherapyNote cofounder and psychologist Debra Pliner, with feedback from other psychologists, psychiatrists, and significant research to maximize compliance with insurance, HIPAA, and industry standards. in this article we discuss how to login to Thearpy Notes. Well, health is a very conscious issue for all of us. In this busy life, nobody has time to focus on mental and physical health which results in a blunder in the future. To overcome this problem Therapy notes helps you a lot to manage your daily health plan and much more.

TherapyNotes™ also offers a powerful “to do” list which automatically directs clinicians regarding what actions need to be taken such as notes to write after sessions, to contact the primary care physician when appropriate, or reminders to schedule treatment plan updates. TherapyNotes™ was developed by the husband and wife team: Dr. Debra Pliner, clinical psychologist, and Brad Pliner, web technologies expert, to fill a need for a practice management system that was built for the unique needs of mental health practitioners.

Features of Therapy Notes

If you are a health practitioner and looking for a solution which helps you in all your tasks, notes and activities organized. Then a Therapy Notes is the right solution for you. This is the product that has a wide array of features that can greatly benefit your practice. Below are some of the features of Therapy Notes which can help you a lot-

  • Scheduling and To-Do List- It is fully designed for health practitioners and professionals. Therapy notes can manage their schedules and patients effectively which results in best care and treatment. With the help of system scheduling and to-do, list users are always staying on top of their schedule.
  • With the help of this one can keep track of all appointments and mark calendars. Its reminder can also be configured to ensure that the user cannot miss any session with their concern patient. Therapy Notes provide a dedicated patient portal through which patients can request appointments online without coming to the clinic.
  • Robust Patient Notes- Its form-based notes system enables users to complete their notes easily. Notes are created amazingly because they are designed for practices such as therapy, social work, counselling, etc.
  • Electronic Medical Records- This allows the user to go paperless because it can upload patient records and files into the system. These include files ranging from HIPPA agreements to insurance cards. This software supports all kinds of documents like- Word, Excel files and all types of scanned documents. This encrypts all electronic medical records and backs them up so that one does not have to worry about their records.
  • Fast Note Taking and Speciality Notes- Their searchable ICD-10 diagnosis codes, checkboxes and pull-down menus help in saving users precious time. The software automatically fills in appropriate note fields according to the appointment data and previous notes.
  • Data Recovery and Document Printing- Their quick history review features help the user to recover past data from notes quickly. You need to download the data then this software all allows data in PDF format.
  • Electronic Billing and Data Security– Therapy notes nifty feature of the platform is its electronic billing feature. This saves users precious time by making the billing process as quick as possible. This software is designed to make your data as safe as possible.

Therapy Notes Login – How To Login To Therapy Notes

Before you came to know about the therapy notes provider login understand carefully that there are two portals to sign in one is for practitioners or professionals and the other one is a therapy portal for patient login. But the process of therapy notes login is the same for both practitioners and patients. Read the process very carefully-

therapy notes login
  • First of all on your desktop and laptop’s browser and then typed the address for practitioners login- app login or visit the click here. And for patient login type this address in your browser- Client-portal or simply click here.
  • Now you can see a new window
  • Here you can fill up some required credentials which you fill-up during the sign-up process on the Therapy Notes website.
  •  After typing the required credentials click on Go To Practise Button as below-
  • After that you are on your therapy notes account dashboard.
  • Or if you don’t have an account then you can simply register on their website by visiting this address- signup Or simply visit the link as below-

From the above article, you can clearly understand how therapy notes benefits you and your client. Below is the conclusion which shows the importance of online therapy notes for your practice.


Therapy notes can help users to streamline their daily workloads with its to-do list feature. Notes are automatically created by the system which allows a user to update treatment plans, schedule appointments, and submit electronic claims and much more.

This feature makes Therapy notes is one of the best EHR software among others. This software always focuses on the saving precious time of the user so that they can handle their practices very easily.

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