Third Federal Login: How To Access Your Savings/Loan Account

The Third Federal Login portal allows you to access and manage your Third Federal Savings & Loan account online. You can review account balances and transactions, transfer funds between accounts, view copies of cleared checks, locate Third Federal Savings & Loan Association branches and more.

However, this article will show you how to login into Third Federal. Plus. we will also guide you how to register a new Third Federal account., recover your password and also help you to pay your bill with Third Federal. Keep reading for more information.

How To Enroll in Third Federal Online Banking

You want to log in to Third Federal online banking but you do not have any account? It’s easy to sign up. Enroll in Third Federal online and mobile banking to enjoy free, secure, convenient access to your Third Federal accounts and statements any time of day.  

You’ll need a driver’s license or an account statement to get started, follow these steps and we will show you the progress to do this.

  1. Go to Third Federal website at 
  2. Under the Online Banking section of the home page, click Enroll and follow the instructions. 
  3. Enter the required information and click submit.
  4. Within 24 – 48 hours, you’ll receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to login to your account.
  5. This information will also be mailed to you.
  6. You can enroll in Online Statements by clicking the Statements tab and accepting the statements agreement.

Third Federal Login Steps

If you do not know how to login into Third Federal, you can follow these instructions, we will show you an easy way to do it as long as you have a Third Federal account and an internet connected device.

Third Federal Login

Step 1: Access the Third Federal login home page: Visit the Third Federal login home page at:

Step 2: Enter your information: You need to fill your User ID and password into each section on your screen.

Step 3: Click the Login button: Press the Login button on your screen. Then you can log in to your Third Federal online banking account.

If you forget your Password or Username, click on the “I can’t access my account” link that is under the login box.

How To Download and Log in To The Third Federal Mobile App

The Third Federal company has provided a Third Federal Savings & Loan mobile app on both Google Play and App Store so now you can login into Third Federal with your mobile phone without any difficulties.

Step 1: Download the Third Federal Savings & Loan mobile app

Step 2: Open the app on your phone: To open the app, you should click the logo of it on your phone screen after installing it.

Step 3: Follow the app’s guide: The app will show you some guideline to do some more simple steps, keep following then you can login into Third Federal with your mobile phone.

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