Thrift Savings Plan Login: How To Access Your TSP Account

The Thrift Savings Plan Login portal is an online portal that enables you to access and manage your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account all in one place. The official Thrift Savings Plan Login portal is available to all TSP participants. Through the portal, you’ll be able to access your TSP account on your device—anytime, anywhere.

If you need assistance setting up your new login to the new My Account or already have Thrift Savings Plan online account and looking for information on how to access and manage your account online, change your contact information, update your username and password or manage your account, including setting up an Automatic Investment Plan, this free article can help.

New TSP Features / Online Services

You now have access to new features and tools to make your TSP experience even better than before. These new features include flexibility in how you access My Account, several options to contact TSP representatives if you need help, and the ability to complete most transactions smoothly and securely online.

1: Participant services when and how you want it: Get participant services on your terms. Access AVA, a virtual assistant, 24/7 to help you find answers and resources. And, when you’re logged in to My Account or the TSP Mobile App, AVA can connect you with a ThriftLine Representative during business hours using live-agent chat.

2: The My Account interface designed with you in mind: The first thing you’ll notice when you log in is how intuitive the My Account interface is. Your account summary clearly displays your investments, and the navigation menu makes it easy for you to find and use account management tools.

A new planning tool, the retirement income modeler, gives you a personalized calculator that you can use to help keep track of your goals. You’ll find all the functions you need in a responsive, mobile-friendly environment.

3: The official TSP Mobile App for on-the-go access: Monitor your TSP account and complete transactions from anywhere, anytime. With the TSP Mobile App, you can do just about everything that you can when you sign in through the Thrift Savings Plan Login portal.

Along with checking your account balance, tracking fund performance, and making transaction requests, you can submit documents, manage payment information, scan checks, and more. You’ll log in to the TSP Mobile App the same way you would log in to My Account on the TSP website. And you have the option to add an extra layer of security by using your device security features and biometrics, such as your fingerprint or facial recognition, to store and autofill your username and password.

4: More transactions you can complete entirely online: Save time and reduce paperwork using online features in My Account. Complete forms, sign your name electronically, make loan payments, and do more with easy and secure processes.

How To Set Up Your New Login for My Account

To manage your TSP savings online, you will need to set up access to your TSP account. For security reasons, you must be able to receive a one-time passcode to your phone by text or voice call. (active military members may also use a .mil email address to receive a one-time passcode by email).

During this setup process and to secure your account, you will provide basic information to verify your identity, and you may also be asked to complete an identity risk assessment or provide proof of identity through a third-party service provider. Some participants may also be asked to provide their legacy TSP account number. Any information you provide during this process is not used or stored by third parties outside the initial account set-up process.

  1. Go to Set up new login and enter your name, date of birth, and last four of your social security number in order to look up your account
  2. Complete identity verification, including receiving a one-time passcode
  3. Follow the prompts to create a username that is unique to you and easy to remember. Create a strong password that you will use only for logging in to My Account
  4. Create a PIN that can be used to quickly identify yourself when calling the ThriftLine and also add layers of security to your account (such as setting up multifactor authentication).

Thrift Savings Plan Login Steps

Once your login is established, you’ll have several ways to access and manage your TSP savings. Setting up your profile and validating your contact information are essential to protecting your account from fraud and making sure you receive TSP correspondence about your account.

After setting up online access, you’ll be able to use convenient navigation to view and manage your investments, save time by submitting transaction requests online with your electronic signature, and more with simple and secure processes.

Thrift Savings Plan Login: How To Access Your TSP Account
  • Go to
  • If you know your web password, enter it in the block on the page and press the Log In button. You should be into your personal TSP account now.

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