Thrivent Financial Login: How To Manage Your Accounts Online

As a Thrivent client, you can conveniently and securely view and manage your accounts online 24 hours a day. Just register, log in to the Thrivent Financial Login portal, you’ll have instant access to all of your products, including life and health insurance, annuities, mutual funds, interval funds and brokerage accounts.

My Thrivent lets you:

  • View account and contract values.
  • View statements, activity confirmations, bill/contribution notices, tax forms and more.
  • Make online payments/contributions for many of your accounts.
  • Manage annuities, including complete and partial reallocation of variable annuities and partial withdrawals.
  • Review and update your personal information and beneficiaries.
  • Manage your communication choices and sign up for paperless delivery of statements, prospectuses, activity confirmations and billing/contribution notices.
  • Communicate securely with your financial professional or client services.
  • Designate Thrivent Choice Dollars if eligible.
  • Connect with your local Thrivent Member Network.
  • Apply for a Thrivent Action Team.

How To Register on For the First Time

To access information and complete transactions for annuity, life insurance and mutual fund products purchased through your Thrivent representative, go to the log in page

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in your Thrivent ID number and birth date. Your Thrivent ID is located on statements and contracts/policies.
  3. Select the “Continue” button.
  4. Confirm your mailing address. Fill in your email address twice. Select the “Continue” button.
  5. Create a user ID and a password. Select the “Submit” button.
  6. Verify your registration. Once complete, you may log in normally by following these steps. Log in to

Thrivent Financial Login Steps

As a registered user, you’ll easily be able to log in using the “Log In” button at the top right corner of the screen. From there, you’ll be able to access everything has to offer—day or night—and stay organized, updated and prepared.

Follow the steps below to log in

Thrivent Financial Login

Step 1: Log in to My Thrivent. Select the “Log In” button and enter your user ID and password.

Step 2: Set up verification code delivery options. You may select any or all of them, but at least one is required. As noted, Thrivent recommend providing more than one. Members who live outside the U.S. must use email; international phone numbers are not accepted. Click “Continue.”

Step 3: Enter and confirm the information for the option(s) chosen and click “Continue.

Step 4: Select how to receive the code. Select the appropriate radio button to generate a call, text or email containing the verification code.

Step 5: Enter the verification code. If applicable, click the “Didn’t get the code?” link to have a new code sent. Note that codes expire after 10 minutes.

Step 6: Select “Yes” to register/remember the device or “No” if the device should not be registered/remembered.

Step 7: Click “Submit” to log in.

What if I forgot my user ID? You may recover your user ID online or you can call Member Care Services at 800-847-4836. To receive it by phone. Say “” when prompted.

  1. Go to My Thrivent.
  2. Choose the “Forgot User ID or Password” link.
  3. Choose either “Forgot User ID” or “Forgot User ID and Password.”
  4. Enter your Thrivent ID number and birth date and click “Submit.”

What if I forgot my password? You may reset your password online or you can call Member Care Services at 800-847-4836.

 Say “” when prompted.

  1. Go to My Thrivent.
  2. Choose the “Forgot User ID or Password” link.
  3. Choose “Forgot Password.”
  4. Enter your user ID and birth date and click “Submit.”

Note: Passwords must comply with the following rules and are not case sensitive:

  • Password is between eight and 20 characters and contains at least one number.
  • Password allows the following special characters: ` ~ & ( ) – _ = + [ ] { } | / ; : ‘ , . ?
  • Password must be different from your user ID.
  • Password cannot contain more than three of the same character in a row.

How To Pay a Bill or Make a Payment

You may pay online, by phone, by check or from another Thrivent product. Log in to Payment Center and click on the “Make Payment” link for the contract you want to pay. For step-by-step instructions on how to make payments on, download this how-to guide (PDF).

You can also pay via phone by calling the Member Interaction Center at 800-847-4836. You will need the routing number for the financial institution and your checking or savings account number.

For Thrivent Mutual Funds accounts opened online, go to and log in to make additional purchases.

For additional assistance, please call the Member Care Services at 800-847-4836 and say “” when prompted. Member Care Services is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Central time.

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