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Based in Burlington, Ontario, TransUnion Canada is one of two credit reporting agencies in Canada. Like their main competitor, Equifax Canada, they now market their credit reports directly to consumers, in addition to their core business of providing the reports to potential creditors.

Most consumers want to login to TransUnion and investigate any issues they may have with their credit report. With all of the online fraud that occurs, keeping check on the inaccuracies your report has can save you a world of trouble when applying for credit or loans.

With the availability of easy online access on and the feature of setting up a fraud alert, there is no reason not to register a account and set a username and password up with the TransUnion login to monitor any inaccurate information or activity on your member account.

TransUnion Login Process

Report a dispute on your credit report at or sign in to a account that you have already setup at: which allows three different options after signing in to the website. You can setup instant alerts that monitor your account, you can view your credit score and see what lenders see as a member, and you can initiate a credit lock to prevent your credit history from being accessed without your permission.

Once you login to TransUnion and see your detailed information listed, carefully scan your data for wrongful line items or incorrect files. If you decide to file a dispute because of a inaccuracy please note that will contact the data source directly about the dispute. The source contacted has thirty days to respond to the inquiry. No response from the reporting party indicates that the information will be removed from your report of credit.

Allow up to five days for the arrival of details sent over the US postal mail. Optionally you can file online through your member account after using your TransUnion login page to sign in on the website.

How To Retrieve Your Username Or Password

Consumers that have forgotten their password or username can use to have their information sent to the email address on file with TransUnion. If you feel your credit has been compromised then you should immediately place a freeze at without delay to prevent any fraudulent activity on your credit.

How To Contact Transunion Customer Service

If you are an existing customer experiencing difficulties with TransUnion Direct, you may visit their FAQ section or use the number below to contact TransUnion Customer Support. To speak with a Customer Support representative immediately, call them at 800-813-5604.

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