TurboTax Login: How To Access Your TurboTax Online Account

TurboTax works like an interview—they ask you easy–to–answer questions about your life that affect your tax situation (i.e., Are you married? Do you have kids?) and fill in all the right tax forms behind the scenes. Your answers tell them which deductions and credits to look for, and what to ask next. The TurboTax login page on MyTurboTax.Intuit.com is for submitting and filing tax information online from your account, checking taxes, or viewing returns.

TurboTax Online offers the convenience of preparing and e-filing your tax return from virtually any computer or mobile device with Internet access. There’s no software to install and nothing you’ll need to save on your computer. They’ll store all of your information on their secure servers. TurboTax Online includes federal and state e-filing. About 75% of our customers choose this version.

After filling your tax, you can have your refund directly deposited onto the Turbo Prepaid Visa® Card. This reloadable Visa debit card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted – including online, for paying bills, and at ATMs.

Or, you can have your refund mailed in a check. You can receive your refund by check, whether you’re printing or e-filing. This will take longer than direct deposit.

TurboTax Login Steps

Before you access the TurboTax login portal you must first have an online account. If you don’t have online account you really need to create one in order to acquire a username and a password. However, if you are a new user you can create your online account now.

If you already have online account just follow the steps below to access your account;

TurboTax Login: How To Access Your TurboTax Online Account

Sign in at https://myturbotax.intuit.com/ with your User ID and password from the TurboTax login that you setup during account registration. Uncheck the remember me box if you are using a public access computer or WiFi connection. Failure to do so could result in your TurboTax account being compromised.

Older versions required you to log on locally from the software installed on your computer. Now you can log in to the website and manage accounts, or file online from anywhere.

After logging in to TurboTax, Smartlook will search over 350 tax deductions to maximize your refund. Qualifying for credits, error checking, and accurate calculations are calculated inside your personalized account.

How to Reset Your User ID Or Password

Follow these steps to sign in to your Intuit Account:

  1. Go to the account recovery page
  2. Enter one of the following:
    • Phone number (recommended)
    • Email address
    • User ID
  3. Follow the instructions. They’ll customize them based on the info you provide and whether they recognize the device

Once you’re done, they’ll either send you a code to help you recover your account, or give you a list of accounts associated with your info.

If you’re still unable to recover your account, select Verify my account a different way on the Account Recovery page. They’ll ask additional questions to verify your identity.

TurboTax Mobile Apps

File your taxes anytime, anywhere with the TurboTax Mobile App. Taxes are easier than ever with this mobile app from the nation’s #1 tax preparation provider. TurboTax mobile app offers easy to use features to help you streamline your filing process.

Get a headstart with last year’s info: With TurboTax Mobile app, you can use last year’s tax return from TurboTax or another preparer to save you time.

SNAP. TAP. DONE.™: Snap a photo of your W-2 or 1099-NEC, and they’ll put your info in the right places.

Your taxes, your way: Do it yourself, get expert help, or have it done for you start to finish.

File on the go: With TurboTax Mobile app, you can save your info automatically, so you can switch devices and pick up right where you left off.

For additional assistance Get expert assistance by calling TurboTax customer support at 1-800-4-INTUIT (1-800-446-8848). In addition, the TurboTax support page provides other resource links and help tools.


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