VisaPrepaidProcessing EDD Login: How To Access Your Card

The VisaPrepaidProcessing EDD Login portal is the new Bank Of America Edd Debit Card login portal. With the Visaprepaidprocessing EDD login portal, you can easily access your BofA Prepaid accounts anytime anywhere all online. You must have received a BofA Prepaid card from an employer, government agency or company with whom you do business prior to using the BofA Prepaid portal.

However, this post contains every necessary things you need to know about Bank Of America Edd Debit Card. If you have the Bank Of America Edd Debit card but have not used it for online transactions, this post will help you register for credentials including how to activate and log in to your your Prepaid card Account.

VisaPrepaidProcessing EDD Online Services

When you access your Prepaid accounts online. Experience the freedom of online account access from the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve created a passcode for logging on, you’ll have access to the following account manage tools:

  • Card activation
  • ATM Locator
  • Manage alerts
  • Reset your PIN
  • Update your profile
  • View Prepaid Card balances
  • Process statement requests
  • Investigate fraudulent transactions
  • Suspend or reactivate Prepaid Cards
  • Process lost, stolen, or damaged cards
  • Request an emergency card replacement
  • View Prepaid Card transaction history
  • Opt to speak to a Customer Service Representative.
  • Respond to questions about transactions on your account statement

How To Register the Prepaid Card

Registering the Card has several benefits:

  • It enables you to make purchases online. Most online retailers do not accept payments without a valid “billing” address. Your registered address will serve as the “billing” address that retailers require.
  • It enables Customer Service representatives to quickly assist you when you need assistance.
  • It protects you if the Card is ever lost or stolen. By registering the Card, theur customer service representative will be able to identify you as the cardholder and may be able to reimburse you for lost funds.

You may register the Card by going online at or calling 1.866.213.8564. Fill out all of the required fields, including the Card number, your name, address and last four digits of your Social Security Number.

VisaPrepaidProcessing EDD Login Steps

You will find all your debit card details in VisaPrepaidProcessing EDD Login portal. It provide all the details you need to manage your debit prepaid card account online. Before, you use your card. You will need to log in to your VisaPrepaidProcessing EDD Login account. Follow the steps below to log in to your debit card account.

VisaPrepaidProcessing EDD Login Steps

How To Activate the Prepaid Card

You can activate the Card online at You can also activate the Card by calling 1.866.213.8564 toll free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Make sure you have your 16-digit Card account number and the last four digits of your Social Security Number ready when calling.

THE CARD CANNOT BE USED UNTIL ACTIVATED AND A PIN IS SELECTED. When you call or go online to activate your card, you will select a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN is the access code to your account for all pinned point-of-sale purchases and ATM transactions.

How To Get The VisaPrepaidProcessing EDD App

Get the app that makes using your card a whole lot easier with these great features.

  • Find out when your funds load
  • Check your balance and transaction history
  • Turn your card on/off
  • And much more

How To Contact Customer Service

You will be able to access your account information and Customer Service Representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1.866.213.8564. Please check the Schedule of Bank Fees that you received with the Card for a possible fee for contacting a Customer Service Representative.

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