Volvo Financial Services Login: How To Access Your Account

You can finance or lease a new or certified pre-owned Volvo through Volvo Car Financial Service (VCFS). As a subsidiary of Volvo Car Corp., VCFS provides financial service products to Volvo customers and retailers in the United States. However, the Volvo Financial Services Login portal allows you to access and manage your account.

Not only that, but the Volvo Financial Services Login portal allows users to update their account information, make online payment, sign up for Automatic Payments, register a vehicle etc. without ever having to step foot into your local branch. If you are looking for instructions on how to register or log in to your account and make a payment to Volvo Car Financial Services, this post got you covered.

What You Need To Know About Volvo Car Financing

VCFS provides competitive and flexible financing options for your new Volvo. Buyers enjoy low finance rates on new and certified pre-owned Volvos. VCFS offers flexible leasing with a choice of mileage plans and terms of up to 48 months.

Volvo provides a handful of special offers:

  • Stateside military offer: Members of the military stationed in the U.S. can receive a $500 bonus incentive when purchasing or leasing a new Volvo.
  • Overseas military offer: Active duty military personnel and U.S. diplomats stationed overseas are eligible for significant savings that are under the U.S. MSRP and three years of complimentary scheduled maintenance when they buy a new Volvo.
  • Affinity offer: First responders, medical professionals and teachers may be eligible for a $500 incentive bonus when they purchase or lease a new Volvo. This incentive offer is available through January 2023 on specific models.

To take advantage of these incentive programs, you must verify your eligibility online through to get your Volvo PIN. Bring your PIN to your Volvo dealer when you’re ready to buy or lease a new Volvo.

In addition to incentive offers from Volvo, buyers may be eligible for special programs through VCFS:

  • Graduate program: The Volvo college graduate program offers new grads the opportunity to finance their Volvo purchase with 5% down, upon credit approval.
  • Expatriate program: Under the expatriate program, business professionals from countries outside the U.S. may be able to finance or lease a Volvo with contract terms based on their length of stay under their visa or employment contract.

In addition to flexible lease terms and mileage plans, VCFS offers a handful of special lease programs:

  • Single lease payment: Rather than make monthly payments over your lease term, you can make one single payment upon signing. The single payment costs less than making monthly payments over the lease term.
  • Business lease: Owners can lease a new Volvo through their company.
  • Multiple security deposits: You can reduce your monthly payments when you make a refundable security deposit when signing your lease. At the end of the lease, your additional deposit is refunded to you.

VCFS also offers the Care by Volvo subscription plan. As with a lease, you’ll make monthly payments under this plan. Each monthly payment includes the cost of vehicle usage, automobile insurance, factory scheduled maintenance, excess wear protection and road hazard tire and wheel protection.

However, the Care by Volvo program differs from a traditional lease as customers may subscribe for a shorter time. While a traditional lease may span 36 months, you’ll be able to cancel the subscription and return the vehicle once you’ve made five payments. You may cancel the subscription after making 12 payments if you live in Illinois.

How To Register A User Account

To use your Volvo Financial Services account for online activities you need to register a user account by entering your basic information. By registering your vehicle online with Volvo Car Financial Services, you’ll be able to access your account anytime from any device, easily manage your account, browse special offers, review important alerts about your vehicle and much more.

Creating a web account is easy, all you need is to go to and enter the information below to get started.

  • Create your unique Username
  • Enter your Email
  • Confirm Email
  • Create your password. Min length: 8 and Max length: 50

Volvo Financial Services Login Steps

If you have already registered for Volvo Financial Services online account access, that means you may access your online account at any time. It’s simple to log in to your online account, and you’ll need your Volvo Financial Services login detail. To log into your online account, follow these simple steps:

Volvo Financial Services Login: How To Access Your Account

You can log in to your Volvo Financial Services Account online account by visiting this link to access all the features. Make sure you have an account already with them.

If you do not have an account, create an account. You will need to enter your email id, phone number and some personal data to verify your information. In case you have forgotten Forgot your username and/or password, please visit Forgot my username or password to retrieve it so that you can sign in again.

How To Make a Payment To Volvo Car Financial Services

When it comes to making your monthly payment, you have the flexibility to pay your way. Volvo Car Financial Services offers you more ways to pay, so you can choose the payment method that is convenient for your lifestyle. 

1: Auto Pay: It’s the smartest way to make your monthly payment. We’ll automatically withdraw payments from your checking or savings account. Below are some of the reasons to use auto pay.

  • Convenient: No matter where life takes you, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your monthly payment was made on time. 
  • Secure: Volvo Car Financial Services safeguards your personal information. Now, that’s peace of mind you can count on. 
  • Simple: It takes less than 5 minutes to enroll in Auto Pay. All you need is a checking or savings account. It’s that easy. 

2: Pay Online: You can make a payment online with no convenience fee. Simply log in to your account and choose the Make a Payment option. You can enter your bank information or you may be able to select an account that you have used in the past to make a payment to them.

Once you finish the payment process, you will receive your confirmation. Your payment will be shown in your bank account within two business days.

3: Pay by Mail: If you prefer to send your payment by mail, make sure to account for up to three (3) business days for delivery and processing. 

Volvo Car Financial Services
PO Box 70899
Charlotte, NC 28272-0899

Volvo Car Financial Services
PO Box 71102
Charlotte, NC 28272-1102

4: Call to Pay: Call their automated system at 1-866-499-6793 to make a payment at any time, even on the weekends. If you wish to receive same-day credit, please call Monday through Friday, before 4pm ET.

5: More Payment Options: If you’d like to request a payment extension or make a change to your payment date, please call 1-866-499-6793. 

Remember, you can view your account statements on the Vehicle Dashboard page

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