Walmart Credit Card Login: How To Make Your Credit Payment

Recently, Walmart has made some changes to rebrand its rewards program, ended a partnership with Synchrony Bank, and is now partnering with Capital One to update their card offerings. Walmart partnered with Capital One in September 2019 for two credit cards, Both cards offer up to 5% back and come with no annual fee. However, the Walmart Credit Card Login portal allows you to manage your account and redeem your Walmart credit card rewards online.

If you’ve just gotten approved for the Walmart Credit Card — congratulations — you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your new Walmart Credit Card account and how to contact customer service, should any problems arise.

You have to attentively read this article till the end in order to learn how to set up your Walmart Credit Card for online access, learn how to sign in to your account and make your Walmart Credit Card payments. You will also learn everything you need to know about managing your credit card account, like; online payments, transaction histories, review statements, and lots more.

Why Should You Set Up Your Walmart Credit Card Online?

As the accountholder (the primary person who applied for the Walmart Credit Card), when you register for and sign in to your Walmart credit card account, you have 24/7 online access to the following account management tools:

  • Make your Walmart Credit Card payment online
  • Manage payment and account settings
  • Update your stored personal information
  • Choose paperless billing
  • Add an authorized buyer
  • Ask for an increased credit limit
  • Check current balance
  • See available credit amount
  • View current and past transactions
  • View current and past statements
  • View scheduled and past payments

Note: Walmart and Capital One offer two credit cards: The Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard is an “open-loop” product, meaning it can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. The “closed-loop” Walmart Rewards credit Card can be used only within the Walmart brand umbrella. This article focuses on the closed-loop card.

How To Set Up Your Walmart Credit Card Online

If you don’t have a Capital One online account, you will need to register your Walmart Credit Card for online account access if you want to enjoy the features mentioned above.

To set up your Walmart Card for online account access, Go to and click on “Set Up My Account” and enter your last name, SSN or bank account number, and date of birth to verify your credit card account. Choose your Walmart Credit Card username and password:

The username must be between 6 and 12 characters. The password must be 8 to 32 characters long, with at least one letter, number and special character.

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Walmart Credit Card Login Steps

Most Walmart credit card customers log in to their account to make their Walmart credit card payments, see statement history, check balance, and review reward points. Some credit card companies have an Apple iPhone app, Google Play store and Android app market place application to login to their credit cards.

So, check out the steps given below and make sure to follow them accordingly if you want to login into your account.

Walmart Credit Card Login Steps

To log in to your Walmart credit Card account, go to the Walmart credit Card login page on the Capital One bank website or mobile app and enter your username and password in the appropriate fields. Then, click “Sign in” to access your online account. If you don’t already have an account, you will need to start by following the above steps in order to set up a username and password.

After you have signed up and logged in, you’ll be able to manage your Walmart credit card account online. You can pay your credit card bill, see credit card statements, monitor account activity, and change account information such as passwords and automatic payments.

Did you forget your Capital One username or password? Capital One allows Walmart cardholders to retrieve their usernames or passwords by verifying personal information. If you forget your login information, click “Forgot username/password?” on the Walmart credit card login page. Then, just follow the prompts to reset or retrieve your username or password.

To retrieve your username or password, you will need to have the following information:

  • Last name
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth

Finally, if you have any issues accessing the Walmart credit Card login page, you can reach out to Walmart credit Card customer service.

How to Make Your Walmart Credit Card Payment

1: Online: Before making your Walmart credit card payment online, you’ll need to register for online account access by following the steps above.

Once your account is set up, you can make an online payment. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Walmart credit card login page.
  2. Sign in with the username and password you chose during registration.
  3. Select the “Make a Payment” tab.
  4. Select the amount you want to pay, the date you want to make the payment and where the funds will come from to complete the transaction.

2: By Phone: You can also make your Walmart credit card payment over the phone by calling the Capital One customer service number at 877-294-7880. The service is free if you opt for the automated system. If you talk to a representative, a $10 fee will apply. Be sure to have the following information ready when you call:

  • The last four digits of your Walmart credit card account number
  • Your bank account number and bank routing number

3: By Mail: When you receive your Walmart Rewards or Capital One Walmart Rewards credit card account statement in the mail, you’ll find an attached payment coupon you can tear off and mail back with your payment. If you lost your payment coupon or you want to make an extra payment, write your account number on your check or money order and mail it to:

Capital One
Attn: Payment Processing
P.O. Box 71083
Charlotte, NC 28272-1083

If you need to make an express payment, use this address:

Capital One
Attn: Payment Processing
6125 Lakeview Rd, Suite 800
Charlotte, NC 28269

Walmart Credit Card Contact Information

Capital One makes contacting customer service quite accessible, with an extensive list of phone numbers you can reach for any inquiry. Using the appropriate contact can help you reach someone quicker and resolve your issue promptly.

For existing accounts, you can reach a Capital One customer service representative by dialing 1-800-227-4825. If you’re outside of the United States, you’ll have to call 1-804-934-2001. Below, you’ll find other relevant contact details for Capital One.

Customer Service:
1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825) (For servicing of existing accounts only)

Outside the US, call collect:

Online banking support:

Fraud Protection:
1-800-427-9428 or 1-800-239-7054

International collect calls to report a lost or stolen card:

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