Wyndham Rewards Login: How To Access Your Rewards Account

Wyndham Rewards is the loyalty program for Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts includes nearly 9,000 hotels in more than 90 countries and claims to be the largest franchisor of hotels in the world. The Wyndham Rewards Login portal is meant for existing members to easily track their points, stays and activities with seamless account access.

Therefore, our downloadable guide thoroughly and carefully. It contains crucial information that ought to provide responses to the majority of your inquiries regarding managing your Wyndham Rewards online account. However, keep in mind that it only provides general information, just like this website. The law does not apply. It does not violate any law. It is not advice from a lawyer.

Wyndham Rewards Member Benefits

As a member, when you create online account and log in to your account, you can:

  • Earn points for Qualified Stays and the various forms of Go Fast awards at thousands of Participating Properties around the globe.
  • Redeem Wyndham Rewards points for Go Free award free-night stays or Go Fast award discounted stays at participating Wyndham Rewards hotels, vacation club resorts, and vacation rentals.
  • Redeem points for a variety of other rewards, such as gas/convenience stores (U.S. only), charity donations (U.S. only), airline tickets and car rentals (U.S. & Canada only), airline miles or partner points, tours & activities, gift cards and merchandise.
  • Earn Travel Partner Currency from participating airline programs instead of Wyndham Rewards points for your Qualified Stays and Go Fast Awards at Participating Hotels. Simply update your earning preferences in your member account.
  • Earn additional points through everyday purchases and other transactions with a variety of program participants, including their Wyndham Rewards Earner Card.
  • Gain access to your member account 24/7 to check point balances, redeem points for rewards, and make reservations simply by visiting your online account.

How To Join Wyndham Rewards

When you join Wyndham rewards, you will enjoy exclusive member perks and earn points toward free nights with the world’s most generous rewards program.

  • Book free nights at thousands of Wyndham Rewards Hotels starting at just 7,500 points. 
  • Get a discounted night starting at just 1,500 points.
  • For every qualified stay, earn 10 points per dollar or 1,000 points—whichever is more.

There are three ways to join Wyndham Rewards

  • Online by clicking here or visiting the website of a participating hotel brand.
  • In person via the front desk staff at any of our Participating Hotels. They can enroll you on the spot when you check in at the front desk or at any time during your stay.
  • Through Wyndham Rewards Member Services either by visiting the “Contact Us” section of Wyndham Rewards website or by calling them at 1-866-996-7937.

How To Create Your Online Account

Existing members can set up a username and password. If you’re already a Wyndham Rewards member but haven’t set up a username and password, you’ll need one to access your account online. Create one today to see your points balance, book their member rate, and speed through the booking process.

How To Create Your Online Account

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Wyndham Rewards Login Steps

If you already have an online account then you can sign in to access to your member account 24/7 to check point balances, redeem points for rewards, and make reservations simply by visiting your online account. Follow the steps below to securely log in to your Wyndham Rewards member account.

Wyndham Rewards Login: How To Access Your  Wyndham Account

If you forget your password, you can follow the instructions by selecting Forgot Password. Or, you can contact Wyndham Rewards Member Services either by visiting the Contact Us section of Wyndham Rewards website or by calling them at 1-866-996-7937.

If you haven’t created a unique username and password yet, click here and follow the simple steps.

Wyndham Rewards FAQs

1: Can you transfer Wyndham reward points? You can transfer Wyndham points to other Wyndham members for a fee (though this is generally not a great value for Wyndham points). You can also transfer Wyndham reward points to Caesar Rewards points on a 1:1 basis, or to a variety of airline partners at a rate of 6,000 Wyndham points to 1,200 airline miles.

2: How do I check my Wyndham Rewards points? The easiest way to check your Wyndham Rewards points is to log on to your Wyndham account online. From your profile, it’s easy to check how many Wyndham Rewards points you have. You can also see when your points are scheduled to expire so you can make sure to have qualifying activity in order to keep your points active.

3: How do I find my Wyndham Rewards member number? Your Wyndham Rewards member number is also located on your My Account page once you log in. If you’ve forgotten your Wyndham Rewards account username and password, you can reset it at wyndham.com.

4: How do I buy Wyndham Rewards points? You can buy Wyndham Rewards points from your My Account page. Points generally cost $13 for each 1,000 points you wish to buy, though there are often bonus promotions. Points purchases are processed by Points.com, so you won’t get a bonus from buying points and paying with your Wyndham Rewards credit card. Generally speaking, however, it’s not a great use of money to purchase points speculatively unless you’re buying points for a specific redemption.

5: Is Wyndham part of Marriott’s rewards program? No, Wyndham and Marriott are two separate hotel companies that are not affiliated. You cannot use Wyndham Rewards points to stay at Marriott hotels. However, when Wyndham is offering status matches, you can turn your Marriott elite status into Wyndham elite status.

6: What is the phone number for Wyndham Rewards? You can reach Wyndham Rewards at 866-443-6181. You can also take care of routine tasks involving your Wyndham account through Wyndham’s website.

7: Do my Wyndham Rewards points expire? Wyndham Rewards points expire four years after they are earned. In addition, if you go 18 months without activity, all of your points will be forfeited. There are a variety of ways that you can have activity on your account to extend the expiration of your points.

8: Does Wyndham Rewards cost money? Joining the Wyndham Rewards program doesn’t cost any money — you can sign up online or at any participating Wyndham hotel for free.

9: How do I join Wyndham Rewards? The easiest way to join the Wyndham Rewards program is to sign up online. You can also join the Wyndham Rewards program at any participating Wyndham hotel.

10: Can you use Wyndham points to pay maintenance fees? You can use your Wyndham Rewards points to pay maintenance fees at participating timeshare and vacation clubs. Participating organizations include Club Wyndham, RCI and Worldmark by Wyndham. A payment of $50 in maintenance fees starts at 10,000 rewards points in most instances. We value 10,000 Wyndham points at $60, so this would be slightly lower than an average redemption value.

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