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Insurance Diaries presents the simplest instructions to securely log in to various online banking/servicing websites and other online platforms to manage your account or make your online payments. We explain the way to sign up or create an account for the first time. In addition, we provide the clear log in steps to your existing online account.

You will be surprised to know that maximum number of banking frauds are online. There are many people, especially the older ones, who search social media or low quality search engine for bank login query. Many a times, they land on the phishing url and then become the victim.

Our website is getting popular day by day and people are bookmarking it for their family members. They just search our website and login to the official site. Many a times it happens that the banking sites update their login url. Many users might have bookmarked the older url and again they end up falling on the wrong page.

Our in-depth articles have been read over 20 million times. More than 500,000 people read our articles every month and we will keep updating the links and our content frequently in case of any change or update from the bank/servicing websites.

However, we also share insurance related information which is useful to all either selling the insurance of buying the insurance.

Our homepage is designed with the intent of guiding our visitors and allowing them to easily navigate the pages and categories on our website. By searching or following the links included in this homepage, users should be able to find all the information that they are looking for on our website with ease.


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